Pre-CORC Projects
A Pre-CORC is a commitment to purchase CORCs from an innovative carbon removal project that is still setting up operations. Pre-CORCs can help projects secure funding while buyers can lock in their future supply and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the growth of the carbon removal ecosystem.
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20 Available projects
14 Countries represented
598104 Tonnes of CO2 available

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SymbolProject NameCountryMethodologyPrice range per tCO2eAvailable tCO2e% CommittedOpen untill
EGWD Edgewood Biorefinery Canada Biochar 121 € 82 500 05/02/2023
ALPH Support scale with the Carbo Culture next-generation reactor Europe Biochar 225 € 9 750 05/02/2023
AGSP Biochar - Regeneration in Spain's Olive groves Spain Biochar 200 € 20 250 05/02/2023
CNIC Saramacca Olivine Surinam Surinam Enhanced Weathering 165 € 1 530 05/02/2023
CCmB Carbon Removal through Sustainable Fertiliser production United Kingdom Soil Amendments 65 € 368 05/02/2023
TREE The afforestation carbon removal that pays for itself France Other 40 — 45 € 86 150 05/02/2023
CNID Achter Paranam Olivine Surinam Surinam Enhanced Weathering 115 € 1 530 05/02/2023
SBCM1 Standard Biocarbon Corporation - Maine Biochar, Plant Phase 1 USA Biochar 130 € 11 250 01/12/2022
HUSK HUSK Cambodia Cambodia Biochar 100 € 19 965 05/02/2023
APC2 New biochar facility, US East Coast USA Biochar 100 — 105 € 24 750 05/02/2023

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