Puro Accelerate
Puro Accelerate is our program to scale the carbon removal ecosystem. It aims to lift impediments for suppliers who require financing to expand their operations and launch new projects. It also creates a platform that enables corporate buyers to actively participate in the growth of the carbon removal market.
  • How it works

    Puro Accelerate helps new carbon removal projects secure funding through two main instruments: Advance Market Commitments and Pre-CORCs.

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  • Advance Market Commitments

    Commitments to buy CORCs at a future date at a pre-agreed price. Suppliers can use these contracts to help secure debt and equity financing.
    Buyers can use offtakes to secure first rights to the most innovative new projects while actively enabling the growth of the ecosystem.

  • Pre-CORCs

    Digital assets that represent validated projections of future carbon removals. They convert into CORCs after removals are verified. Pre-CORCs enable prepayments for future carbon removals, making suppliers less depend on more expensive forms of financing. Buyers benefit from a discount and greater flexibility as Pre-CORCs are tradeable.

Puro Accelerate Projects

Help scale the carbon removal ecosystem by supporting innovative new carbon removal projects. There are two special types of listings marked with the following icons:

Research listings are projects for which there is currently no approved carbon crediting methodology within the Puro Standard. This includes pilot projects where field data will be used to support ongoing research and the development of relevant methodologies.

Puro Qualified listings are projects that have undergone Puro.earth’s rigorous Commercial & Technical risk assessment. This assessment is intended to provider buyers with an additional level of reassurance in the viability of the project and is a precondition for issuing Pre-CORCs.


Project NameCountryMethodologyCORC PricePre-CORC PriceAvailable tCO2e
SONNENERDE Pyrodry Austria Biochar 500 € 250 1 617
21 Available projects
15 Countries represented
498526 Tonnes of CO2 available

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