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Restoration Bioproducts - Biochar

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Production Timeline
Q3 2022-Q4 2023

About the project

Restoration Bioproducts, a US-based company focused on pyrolysis projects, will break ground on a new project in Q4 2021 to produce 3500 tons of biochar annually along with associated products starting in Q3 2021.  The feedstock for the project will be waste wood fiber (softwood pine), and the initial target markets are agricultural soils applications and odor control in animal bedding.  Letters of interest are already in place to sell the biochar production for year 1.  The carbon content is expected to be over 70% and the permanence of the product in a soil application is expected to exceed 100 years.  Biochar application in agricultural soils has associated co-benefits both for climate (reduced N2O emissions), and water quality (reduced runoff of nutrients).

Key Project Data

  • Type of project info
    New facility or site
  • Carbon removal methodology info
  • Durability of carbon removal in years (number) info
  • Co-benefits info
    Agricultural soil health restoration
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) info
  • Production facility country info
  • Site visits are possible info
  • Certifications or assessments info
    Certifications and assessments:  IBI and EBC certificates planned.
  • Planned start date of construction info
  • Planned start date of production info
  • Annual carbon removal capacity in tCO2e (number) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to receiving funding (equity or debt) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to permits (building, environmental, etc.) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to reaching minimum pre-CORC commitments info

About the supplier

Restoration Bioproducts LLC

Restoration Bioproducts LLC (RB) is a coventure between a biomass production and logistics company, FDC Enterprises, and a biomass energy engineering company, Langseth Engineering.  Both companies have extensive experience over three decades developing similar projects.  RB is developing multiple projects where biomass will be converted into multiple products including biochar.  The project referenced with Puro.Earth in Waverly, Va is our first combined effort.  We feel strongly that this technology can address climate change mitigation and rural development.
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