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The afforestation carbon removal that pays for itself

115 000
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Production Timeline
Q4 2021-Q1 2022

About the project

Meet EcoTree, the high-quality carbon removal that pays for itself!

EcoTree is a ground-breaking new way to plant trees and grow sustainable forests. Since 2016, we have successfully developed a unique forestry model which delivers the usual environmental benefits of sustainable tree-planting schemes (mainly carbon capture and biodiversity preservation), but also supplements it with a tangible financial incentive!

By ultimately generating more revenue than initial costs, our model turns carbon removal from a high-binding expenditure into a long-term financial gain.

At EcoTree, we let forests flourish AND provide at the same time!

How it works

EcoTree acquires agricultural land 
in Europe and converts it into healthy & durable forests. By buying carbon removal credits in this project, you’re very concretely acquiring newly planted trees from a dedicated forest (see more details below), which makes you a “tree-owner”. This revolutionary “tree-ownership” is what makes you fully legitimate to claim the trees/forest’s numerous environmental benefits, among which its tangible carbon removal performance. 

When your trees have finished their miraculous job of keeping nature in balance and reach maturity (in 30, 50, 60 years for newly planted trees…), they’re selectively cut, as part of our sustainable forest management plans. Your cut trees are then sold as 
high-quality timber - a much needed, climate-friendly material used in construction, furniture, and various consumer goods, thereby securing long-term carbon storage. 100% of the revenue generated by the sale of the timber goes to the trees’ owners: You!, meaning you may more than double your initial investment (our assumptions are based on a 2% yearly financial gain).

Our model is legally and financially backed by 
the French financial authority (the AMF: Autorité des Marchés Financiers), and its originality and impact have been recognized and acclaimed by institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the Solar Impulse Foundation or the B-Corp organisation. And when it comes to CO2 sequestration, our projects and methodology are verified and certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the top-3 international certification organisations!

So in a nutshell, acquiring carbon removal credits from EcoTree is a unique opportunity to invest in carbon removals that will ultimately pay for themselves!

Our carbon removal project on Puro.Earth: Langonnet Forest

Langonnet forest, located in Brittany, France, with a total surface area of 90 ha, was taken over by EcoTree in May 2021. It is a wetland and old farmland which will be afforested over 40 ha.

The site is quite exceptional: it is located between several important ecological zones and therefore fits into these preserved spaces. Thus, it is surrounded by the Natura 2000 site of the Ellée river - Our young forest itself is also partly Natura 2000 certified, which ensures that it will not only deliver tangible carbon sequestration but also develop into a healthy and durable forestry ecosystem, in which biodiversity will flourish.

More specifically, our forestry plan is based on planting mainly sessile and pedunculate oaks and the site will gently be developed into an irregularized and uneven-aged stand. The project will deliver verified carbon sequestration amounting to 26’000 tCO2, among which 15’000 are presently available here.

The project will soon be PEFC as well as FSC certified, thereby guaranteeing its multiple & durable environmental benefits.

How are the carbon removals achieved?

A carbon removal credit provided by EcoTree is backed by a sustainable forestry project, which means that it is a high-quality NBS (Nature-Based Solution). In other words, the carbon removal occurs through the natural process of wood production from trees. It took Mother Nature billions of years to develop one of the most efficient carbon sequestration “technology”, using the highly efficient process of photosynthesis to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, turn it into carbon and lock it into timber. And the only “waste” through this natural process is actually water and oxygen, the two most vital components of life on Earth - That’s what we call a truly environmental-friendly carbon removal solution!

Once locked into high-quality wood material, the carbon remains easily stored for decades or even hundreds of years (depending on the usage, the average half-life decay of high-quality timber is approximately 35 years).

Key Project Data

  • Type of project info
    New facility or site
  • Carbon removal methodology info
  • Durability of carbon removal in years (number) info
  • Co-benefits info

    The EcoTree CORC ultimately generates a unique financial benefit.

    The EcoTree forestry project also:

    • highly focuses on the preservation of wildlife & biodiversity
    • improves air quality as well as soil and water condition
    • supplies high quality timber for long-lasting usage as furniture, flooring and construction woodwork
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) info
  • Production facility country info
  • Site visits are possible info
  • Certifications or assessments info
    • Bureau Veritas certified & verified
    • Natura 2000 certified
    • PEFC & FSC (pending)
  • Planned start date of construction info
  • Planned start date of production info
  • Annual carbon removal capacity in tCO2e (number) info
  • Additionality info
    • The revenue generated from sale of carbon removal credits covers costs of the forestry management, planting and propels the sourcing & acquisition of more farmland and the development of more sustainably-grown forests in Europe.
    • The revenue also allows EcoTree to develop specific projects supporting, preserving and developing biodiversity and wildlife.
    • The revenue is also invested in R&D, in order to use tech-based features to further monitor and demonstrate the carbon removal impact, via for example IoT-sensors, satellite-based monitoring of biomass growth, etc.
  • Implementation of this project is subject to receiving funding (equity or debt) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to permits (building, environmental, etc.) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to reaching minimum pre-CORC commitments info
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About the supplier


EcoTree is a sustainable forestry company, focused on optimizing carbon capture as well as preserving biodiversity. We don’t “just” plant trees, we make sure they flourish and grow into durable carbon sinks & healthy forestry ecosystems. In addition, by buying EcoTree’s carbon removal credit you turn a cost into an investment, as your carbon removal credit will also ultimately generate revenue from the sold high-quality timber.
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