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Biochar production on Yale First Nation

5 800
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198,89 €
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Production Timeline
Q4 2021-Q4 2023

About the project

EWS's goal is to provide environmental and also profitable solutions to current inefficient, costly and environmentally damaging waste management challenges. In Canada, most forestry and municipal green waste is either burnt, buried or landfilled. The transformation of these wastes into a high-carbon, stable biochar sequesters carbon for hundreds of years, supplies renewable energy and creates jobs for local communities. 

Located on Yale First Nation land, Emergent Waste Solutions' plant transforms about 3000 mtons of green wastes into biochar with one mission in mind: reverse human impact on the planet. The project's goal is to integrate as many sustainable synergies as possible in forestry, agriculture and energy. This plant is only the first of many planned. It is being finalized to start operating in Q4 2021. Our project has many partners, including the Yale First Nation which is key to the success of this venture.

EWS is looking for partners who believe that our actions can lead to better practices and a healthy synergy with the environment to build new projects and contribute to the existing one. We believe that we can't solve this climate crisis alone, which is we are planning to integrate solar energy system and storage for plant start-up in our next projects. We want to offer these solutions for remote areas such as First Nation land to promote efficient waste management. EWS has the commercially-proven technology that will allow these projects to move forward and also scale rapidly.

Our goal is to remove at least 50 000 mtons of carbon from the atmosphere in the next 5 years. We will accomplish this through our current Yale project and several other planned facilities. Will you join us?

Key Project Data

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    New facility or site
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About the supplier

GECA Environnement

Emergent Waste Solutions is a Canadian company destined to tackle wastes challenges in today's society. The company wants to make thermal conversion the standard treatment for organic wastes throughout the world, specifically in rural areas and First Nation land where access to local, environmental and efficient waste management is difficult. EWS wants to drawdown as much carbon as possible to give our planet and our children a good life.

GECA Environnement is the carbon project developer and the manager for Emergent Waste Solutions' carbon project. GECA does not own nor the carbon nor the physical project in Canada. GECA is a consulting firm specialized in biochar and pyrolysis, as well as the carbon market.
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