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Published on June 02, 2020

An Open Letter to Everyone who wants the world to achieve Net Zero

Too much CO2 is being emitted 
It is a form of pollution 
So far we tried to solve carbon the government way
Polluters can be taxed
Or they make voluntary reductions
Everyone sets targets
And we hope for the best

That’s all vital

It’s driving efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles
But it isn’t enough
carbon emissions have kept rising
Even Covid will only provide temporary relief
When the economy resumes the emissions will spike

We looked at carbon from an innovation mindset

Where is the gap for disruption, a new business model? 
How can the solution scale fast and be worth billions?
From a systems perspective
There is more to carbon than just emissions
The planet has a carbon cycle
Carbon is released — by cars, by volcanoes, by fires
Carbon is removed — by plants, by oceans, by soil

This cycle is itself like an economy

40Gt a year released by humans mainly from fossil fuels 
But the planet is only removing 20Gt a year 
Which is why the concentration keeps going up
Many have proposed removing carbon
But they focused on unproven solutions
Or methods with societal and environmental risks

What if we couple carbon removal with a positive business cycle?
Find a solution and a business model to scale it exponentially
Like any digital entrepreneur

Not just carbon mitigation but Carbon Transformation. 

We looked for proven solutions
Ones with a particular set of qualities
They must be carbon net negative
They must remove for at least 50 years
They must be viable businesses
And if they had more funds
They could be able to scale far and fast

We found plenty of these Carbon Transformers

For instance building materials that store carbon
Or biochar that uses carbon to boost soil health
We then needed to find a business model
A way to bring fresh funds
So that their carbon removal can scale

Our idea was to create a marketplace

Matching one type of Carbon Transformer
The entrepreneurs that remove the carbon
With another type of Carbon Transformer
The companies that target Net Zero

Then you have a simple platform
Just like eBay, capital markets, dating sites
Matching those that sell and those that buy
Providing carbon removal as a service

For this marketplace to work
We had to verify the carbon removal
Certify it and make it tradeable 
We started our market with 22 Carbon Transformers
And 3 types of carbon removal methods

And you know what…?

It works brilliantly

Some of our removal suppliers have already grown production
As a result of this additional revenue stream
So now it is time to scale this Carbon Transformation idea
We estimate Carbon Transformation could remove 10Gt/year
(that’s as much as is emitted today by oil globally)

And do so while growing a green economy

So what now?
We need to scale this business idea fast.
We need every Net Zero-targeting employer to commit to carbon removal 
We need NGOs to lobby corporates to get behind this
We need builders and farmers to buy into these carbon innovations

We need to build a global movement of Carbon Transformers

And to do all of that we need you to spread the word. 


Please help us amplify this message in your social media channels and by forwarding this post to your colleagues! Learn more at:

Join the Carbon Transformers– a site for companies to learn how to join the Carbon Transformers to reach Net Zero. Watch the video! – a site for everyone to learn about Carbon Transformation and sign a petition to get the attention of corporations and the media.

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