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Published on February 06, 2020

Insights and Webinar from the Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting

The net in net-zero matters! That is how we can round up the collection of insights from the third Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting.  We shared’s milestones and vision, and inspiring guest speakers updated us on the latest trends in carbon removal markets and shared their journey to Net-Zero.



If you missed it, below is a short summary of the talks and the full webinar recording where you can watch each presentation to get all the details. 

A brief look at carbon removal marketplace milestones and vision, by Antti Vihavainen, Co-founder

The only way to reach Net-Zero is to reduce our own emissions and then remove the remaining CO2, so stimulating carbon removals to industrial levels has been our founding vision. Antti takes a look at how we compare to other sequestration schemes internationally and how fast we have acted, verified the science-based methodologies of the marketplace and helped companies neutralize their emissions. He also shows us the latest positive signals coming from the corporate world towards the growth of carbon removals.


How Carbon Removals Work, By Marianne Tikkanen, Co-founder. 

Marianne talks about how the carbon net-negative part of a product is turned into carbon removals represented by CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs). She explains the current carbon removal methodologies we use and what was the criteria to pick them. Following this, she shares a breakthrough meta-analysis on carbon removal methods published in Nature magazine that confirms our long-lived stable carbon capture methods have some of the highest potential to remove vast quantities of CO2 by 2050. So, is already accelerating these methods to industrial levels? Marianne gives us the news on the acceleration Puro has already witnessed for each method. 


Net-Zero Ambitions: Where do carbon removals fit in the world of carbon markets? Elba Horta from interviews Ben Garside, Carbon Pulse co-founder and correspondent covering carbon markets and climate policy.

From his journalistic expertise Ben Garside answers how are carbon markets contributing to climate action worldwide. He talks about the price signals, discusses where the voluntary markets fit in the Paris Agreement and why they are important to the future of carbon removals. He gives an example of a voluntary scheme that already influenced regulation and shares his thoughts on whether we need regulation to get to the tipping point for carbon removal.


Swiss Re's journey to Net-Zero – "Do our best, remove the rest".   Mischa Repmann, Senior Environmental Mgmt Specialist, Swiss Re Group   

Voted the most useful presentation by attendees, Mischa presents the journey of Swiss Re, one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world, to becoming net-zero by 2030. Their strategy has changed from 17 years of “Do our best, offset the rest” to “Do our best, remove the rest”. He educates us on the new paradigm: that the only way to reach net-zero is to reduce and then remove all the emissions we are responsible for. He explains why natural solutions are not enough for the challenge, talks about current pricing of carbon removal certificates and how those companies that can afford them will be taking the revolutionary step to drive the speed and scale of the carbon removal methodologies. Mischa also unveils the NetZero100 leadership initiative and encourages all companies to join this list of pioneering companies. 


Communicating Climate Action.  Kia Haring, VP, Head of Communications and Sustainability at TietoEvry.

Kia presents TietoEvry, a leading Nordic digital services company, and the sustainability initiatives that take advantage of their own business strengths. They have minimized their environmental impacts in supply chains, greenhouse emissions and sustainable IT solutions. As part of reaching emission targets,  the company used CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) for neutralizing employee business travel in a trustworthy and verified way. Their participation helps climate positive products to expand. Communicating this to the world has been an integral part of their journey.   


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