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Published on February 05, 2020

S-Group offsets with CORCS to create carbon neutral stores

S-Group is a retail giant whose sales amounted to 11.7 billion EUR in 2019. The company has 38,000 employees in Finland and more than 1,800 outlets in food, retail, hotels, restaurants and fuel stations.

They saw the development of’s climate innovation platform with interest because it is not in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) but needed an action scheme to drive impact. They participated as an original signatory of the Puro CO2 Removal Marketplace and co-created, with other pioneering companies, its rules and methodologies. 

S-Group purchased CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) to offset the carbon emissions of three new retail outlets. The stores had been designed to be low-carbon from the beginning, with optimized solar energy use, LED lighting, and condensate heating. The residual unavoidable emissions were neutralized using CORCs. “Net-zero is the goal. We saw an opportunity to begin creating an internal framework to reduce emissions and then to become carbon neutral.” says Lea Rankinen, Senior Vice President for Corporate Responsibility. “The cost savings are a good incentive for reducing our carbon footprint, then neutralizing with CORCs is done last.” 

The company has ambitious emission reduction targets, aiming to reduce its emissions by 90 percent by 2030 from the 2015 level and wants to be the first Finnish group of companies to be carbon negative as early as 2025. They communicated their offsetting with CORCs to customers and employees on Twitter, a blog post and the company news, with positive reception.

If you want to know more on How to become a carbon neutral company with carbon removal read our blog post. If you are ready to take action and include carbon removal in your climate commitments, don't hesitate to book a meeting or contact us.

Photo credit: Etelä-Karjalan Osuuskauppa


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