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Published on December 04, 2019

CORCs for individuals: CHOOOSE Carbon Removal subscription

CHOOOSE makes it easy for anyone to personally act on climate change by providing a monthly subscription service, where you can directly support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world.  

CHOOOSE chose CO2 Carbon Removal Certificates (CORCs) to create the CHOOOSE Carbon Removal subscription plan. By signing up to this membership, subscribers help reverse climate change by removing 6000 kg of CO2 in a year, contributing to carbon drawdown from the atmosphere. That is the point at which greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere level off and begin to decline. Drawdown is a milestone in reversing climate change, and eventually reduce global average temperatures.

The climate effect of a yearly Carbon Removal subscription equals approximately 46 fewer flights from Oslo to London.


Read more about Chooose Carbon Removal Subscription.



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