Bio-based construction materials

CO2 removal from sustainably grown wood is considered long term when it’s used in the construction of buildings


Bio-based construction materials supplier: Ekovilla




Ekovilla offers carbon net-negative cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) made from renewable natural resources.

Ekovilla's insulation is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects and it is used in 10,000 buildings annually. Once installed, CO2 is stored in durable structures for decades.


Carbon removal type / Bio-based construction material

Project status / In operation

Location / Finland


What's the climate impact?

Ekovilla cellulose fibre insulation sequesters 1,102 ton CO2 eq more than the production emits, thus rendering it’s carbon footprint negative. After the CORC is issued, the product can be sold as carbon neutral to avoid double counting. Production is verified by DNV-GL according to Puro CO2 Removal Marketplace requirements.



Economic stimulation effect

The extra income from Puro allows Ekovilla to develop it’s concept of using local waste paper and board materials further.  By using local material flows Ekovilla can minimize the emissions caused by freighting. Also, the company is ramping up a waste-free packing & installation process, in which they will use metal containers instead of plastic bag packaging. Containers are packed directly in the production process and refilled after every installation.

How it works

Growing trees capture carbon which is then stored in bio-based construction materials. 

Sustainably grown wood is used for producing newspapers, which are recycled after use and used as the main ingredient of manufacturing cellulose fibre insulation(CFI).

Once CFI is installed, CO2 is locked and stored in buildings for decades.

Where is it used?

  • Public buildings, such as schools
  • Industrial & residential buildings
  • Town houses & personal summer cabins

If you want to neutralize your emissions using this specific removal method, just place your purchase bid in auctions or negotiate a pre-purchase agreement. In a Pre-Purchase Agreement buyers secure availability and price by agreeing with one or more suppliers to buy a predetermined amount at a set price in the next auction. To arrange a Pre-Purchase Agreement please contact us

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