Wooden building elements

Sustainably grown wood can be used for many purposes - CO2 removal is considered long term when it’s used in construction of buildings.

Wooden building element supplier: Hirsitaloteollisuus Ry



Log construction has over the centuries formed part of the scenery and also part of the Finnish mental landscape. Log house production is energy self-sufficient, and even produces more energy than it uses, because the production process generates more energy waste by-product than it takes to manufacture the product itself. Hirsitaloteollisuus Ry member companies construct 80% of the log houses in Finland.


Carbon removal type / Wooden Building elements

Project status / In operation

Location / Finland


Cafe Birgitta / © Honkarakenne Oyj

What's the impact

1 ton of output product removes 0,4869 tn CO2 eq. from the atmosphere into long-term storage. Production verified by DNV GL according to Puro CO2 Removal marketplace requirements.



Stimulation effect

Extra income from Puro income will be used for member companies’ development initiatives, such as improving the recyclability of log houses. It will also be used to develop tighter collaboration between universities and for example investing more funds in student theses.


How it works

Growing trees captures CO2 - a ton of wood binds 1,8 tons of CO2 while growing. The needed amount of wood for an average house grows in less than minute on sunny summer day in Finland.

The average (145 m2) Finnish log house stores over 30 000 kg of CO2 and locks it into a long-term storage that stays out of circulation for decades.

Annual construction

  • 1300 personal homes, Finland
  • 1500 vacation homes, Finland
  • 60 public schools and daycares, Finland


Pudasjärven hirsikoulu (Kontiotuote Oy)

Pudasjärven hirsikoulu / © Kontiotuote Oy

If you want to neutralise your emissions using this specific removal method, just place your purchase bid in Puro.earth auction or organise a pre-purchase agreement. In a Pre-Purchase Agreement buyers secure availability and price by agreeing with one or more suppliers to buy a predetermined amount at a set price in the next auction. To arrange a Pre-Purchase Agreement please contact us

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