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You can now achieve true Net Zero carbon footprint

How does it work?
You can drive positive climate impact by removing more CO2 than your company emits at the world’s first market for carbon transformation.

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We already have the technologies

Industrial scale removal includes biochar, CO2 concrete, timber construction, and other verified, science based methods. You can help accelerate carbon removal by neutralising your residual emissions with

Timber construction

Carbon is captured and stored in wood.
Carbon removal potential:
0.67-1.1 Gigatons / Year


Carbon is captured during pyrolysis.
Carbon removal potential:
0.3-2 Gigatons / Year

CO2 concrete

Carbon is trapped within concrete.
Carbon removal potential:
0.1-1.4 Gigatons / Year

You’re in good company - Meet some of our clients

  • To stop global warming, it is not enough to limit emissions; measures are also needed to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

    Joachim Alpen

    Co-Head, Large Corporates & Financial Institutions Division


  • South Pole is a globally recognised leader in climate action solutions. We’re pleased to apply our expertise in the development of the Puro initiative - an innovative marketplace for CO2 removals.

    Renat Heuberger


    South Pole

  • This cooperation with Puro gives us great opportunity to contribute even more towards reducing greenhouse emissions.

    Kia Haring

    Head of Global Communication and Sustainability


More about carbon transformation

Carbon Dioxide removal is needed to meet our climate goals.

But how to do it globally? New forms of Carbon Dioxide removal have been proposed. Many of these (eg direct air carbon capture and storage, ocean fertilization) are controversial: high cost and impractical unknown environmental or social risk. Carbon transformation starts with a different premise.

What if instead of risky future technologies, we scale already available carbon removal?

Carbon transformation is a new business model for carbon removal – those that remove get paid by the ones who neutralize their residual emissions with verified carbon removals. The additional funding enables removers to scale rapidly (it’s a new revenue stream).

This is a win:win and helps build a thriving green economy with green jobs.

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