Biochar & Carbon Consulting
GECA is a consulting firm specialized in the valorization of unused wastes through thermal processes. Our mission is simple: to clean the planet from these so-called "wastes" to better human life, prevent biodiversity loss and mitigate climate change. Our services include providing turn-key solutions to attain the carbon market, optimizing production processes and supporting project development.

GECA is based in Québec City, Canada, from where we help our clients worldwide, from the USA, to India, from Burkina Faso to Poland. We were founded after more than 20 years in environmental R&D, following a desire to provide better solutions quicker for industries.

Carbon credits
We provide a full turn-key service to current and future biochar producers who wish to sell credits in the carbon market. Our "one-stop-shop" approach allows producers to do what they do best, that is producing quality biochar and sequestering it in diverse applications, while we take care of determining eligibility, walking you through data collection, writing the LCA, establishing and implementing marketing and sales strategies. The goal? To increase carbon sequestration and uplift the biochar industry.

Process optimization

GECA can help you optimize your production to meet your clients' demands in terms of physico-chemical properties of the product, or for permitting reasons as an example. We can also support you in the reduction of emissions, the transformation of problematic wastes or the production of a designer biochar.

Project Development
We also provide all kinds of consulting services to support the development of projects in the waste sphere. These services include grant redaction, market and feasibility studies, feedstock analysis, technology evaluation and selection, investment/insurance support, and more. 

A large majority of our work is caitered to our clients, whether they are private or public entities, small or large businesses, for-profit or non-for-profit organisation. We only accept projects we believe will change the status quo and lead us to a more sustainable world.

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