Invert operates at the core of the carbon reduction ecosystem, from financing the removal of carbon via high-quality carbon offset projects to empowering businesses and individuals on their emissions reduction journeys. Invert invests in projects that produce high-quality carbon reduction and removal credits that will help save our world. Invert is also creating a place where individuals can learn about what they can do themselves to address climate change.

About Invert

Invert is funding carbon reduction and removal projects and building a platform that puts the power to fight climate change in your hands.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, and the team at Invert is building innovative tools that empower individuals and businesses alike to tackle the problem head-on. We are a team of experienced start-up scalers that have taken ideas from a whiteboard to the New York Stock Exchange, all while maintaining a focus on rewarding, award-winning team culture.

Our company does two key things.

First, we invest in projects that result in carbon credits being created, such as planting a forest or building a machine that sucks CO2 from the air. By selling these credits to individuals or businesses, we are able to generate revenue that lets us make more investments in projects that reduce or remove CO2, and we continue the cycle!  

Second, we are creating a place (more specifically, an app) where individuals can go to learn about what they can do themselves to address this giant problem of climate change. We want to help individuals understand their own impact on the world and give them a chance to support carbon offset projects. We want every individual to be carbon neutral, and we want them to get there in an engaging manner with rich content and community.

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