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Businesses need visibility on their footprint, the planet needs decarbonisation. Put your business intelligence to good use and unlock the potential of your non-financial data with Plan A.
Plan A has developed a science-based software that enables businesses to measure, monitor, reduce and report their carbon footprint while improving their ESG performance. Plan A empowers enterprises to manage their company sustainably by transforming environmental insights into positive business results. The company has received several awards, most recently the prestigious Europas Award in June 2021.

Centralise your data

No matter the format, no matter the scale, Plan A's secure system allows you to upload your sustainable and ESG performance data in one platform. Automatically integrate your data systems for a frictionless experience. 

Analyse your impact

Let Plan A's data engine and decarbonisation expert teams sort, filter and clean your data to extract the best recommendations and insights to shape your path to net-zero following a certified methodology.

Get the output you need

There is no one-size fits all in sustainability and Plan A understands that. Choose your reporting format and get the information you need in the format you need (CDP, TCFD, PCAF, GHG Protocol and more).

Decarbonise your business

Tailor your action plans according to your performance, profile and preferences. Take key carbon reduction measures, support certified projects locally and globally and build recognition for your efforts.
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