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White paper

Read how marketplace is reversing climate change by trading CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs).
White Paper

Puro Marketplace Rules and Methodology

We aspire to create a functioning market for long-term carbon removal, which is reliable, efficient and location independent. The aim is to generate an incentive for carbon removal and to provide companies the means to realize their societal value in reversing climate change. Read the detailed rules and methodologies of the marketplace.

General rules


In this webinar we discuss how climate conscious companies are permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere with Puro. Co-founders Antti Vihavainen and Marianne Tikkanen answer the following questions:

Can we really reach carbon neutrality now? / What is Puro and how does it work in practice / Characteristics of carbon net negative operations / Why is this voluntary? / Who can act on the marketplace and how to join?


Press Releases co-founder: “Our economy must change to reward negative emissions” (published at Slush Conference November 2019)

Press release
World’s first marketplace for CO2 removals is launched to reverse climate change (published April 2019)

Press release
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