Removing carbon in the US corn belt

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Carbon Removal Information info

Permanence info : Over 100 years
Status of production info : Audit scheduled
Unit of product volume info : tonne
Year or years of CORCs issued : 2021

Description info

For our company, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been part of our daily work. Now, you can directly contribute to sequestering carbon dioxide by supporting our project turning oat hulls and wood residues into biochar, a charcoal-like material that persists for centuries in soil. Biochar is used as a soil regenerative practice in our local communities; in farming, composting, landscaping and in vegetable gardens! Your investment would help ARTi accelerate our journey to a greener future.

Juan Proano, Edson Vendrusculo, Matthew Kieffer, and Bernardo del Campo founded ARTi in 2013. We came together as a group of graduate engineers and began working on ways to help farmers and gardeners make a healthier soil. At ARTi, we have been working on developing renewable environmental technology and agricultural solutions since then. We design and build cutting-edge pyrolysis systems for the production of biochar, activated carbon, and "green" carbon black. Our technology is a tool to not only create valuable products from residues, but also to help farmers, composting facilities, homeowners and landscapes integrate sustainable products in their operations and gardens

ARTi has grown with an international team composed of members from Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, US and Uruguay with different academic backgrounds. Mechanical, agricultural, chemical, and electrical engineers, as well as economists, physicists, agronomists, and lifelong farmers are dedicated to creating a variety of biochar-based products and improving our technology day by day. Our company has been engaged in research, extension, and development efforts in pyrolysis, biochar and advanced carbon related technologies and processes for almost a decade. 

Through ARTi’s pyrolysis process, the carbon is rearranged in highly stable carbon rings that do not break down and stay in the ground for centuries. This creates a carbon sink as more carbon is absorbed every year by the plants and is not released when turning the plants residues into biochar. Effectively reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and putting it to work in the soil. 

Examples of usage info

  • Homeowners and local gardeners to improve their soil health
  • Compost stimulant
  • Small and large scale farming (conventional and organic)
  • Landscaping

Co-benefits info

Whether it be local gardens or large-scale farms, ARTi biochar

  • boosts plant growth,
  • helps conserving water,
  • helps limiting soil erosion and top soil loss,
  • betters plant resistance to diseases and environmental stresses,
  • increases harvest sustainably and
  • helps with soil amendment.
From using the feedstock we transform, our operations also
  • reduces landfilling from green waste and therefore methane production,
  • prevents a lot of particulate emissions,
  • allows local communities to participate in carbon removal,
  • educates local communities and businesses on sustainable alternatives and
  • gives a useful second life to large-scale farming wastes.

Economic acceleration impact info

The financial income generated by ARTi's carbon removals will allow us

  • Accelerate our contribution to climate change mitigation
  • Reinvest in our promising technology, to develop improvements of our biochar process and to work to reduce costs for soil improvement worldwide all while helping the environment for future generations
  • Reducing biomass wastes, provide markets and products for an untapped resource
  • Aid our communities in implementing sustainable practices 
  • Implement more of our systems every year so that we can increase the rate at which we permanently sequester carbon


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Contact person: Melissa Leung
Location: Avenue des Pyrénées 4018, G1P 3L9 Québec, Canada
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