SONNENERDE Biochar - Austria

120 € / CORC

Carbon Removal Information info

Permanence info : Over 1000 years
Status of production info : Audit scheduled
Unit of product volume info : tonne
Year or years of CORCs issued : 2021
Minimum amount to negotiate info : 100

Description info

SONNENERDE manufactures a huge variety of high-quality substrates and soil improvement products for various scopes. Each product is carefully adapted to its respective area of use. In 2012 the company built the first biochar production facility in Europe that complies with waste law registrations. One of our main principles is to contribute to a sustainable use of natural resources. We take nature as our example, which works constantly in circles. In accordance with that, we only use biogenic wastes (grain husks, sunflower pods und pulp mud) as raw materials for our biochar production. The waste heat from the carbonization process is used for raw material conditioning and heating. Electric power supply is provided by a photovoltaic system. Our biochar is used as additive for compost or slurry.

Examples of usage info

Additive for compost, soil, or slurry.

Co-benefits info

Positive co-benefits of our biochar:

  • caches nutrients in plant-available form
  • serves as habitat for soil micro-organisms
  • increases soil fertility
  • promotes the formation of humus
  • increases water storage capacity of soil
  • reduces soil erosion
  • binds unpleasant odors
  • upcycling – biogenic wastes are transformed to a high-quality product

Economic acceleration impact info

The extra income from selling CORCs will be invested in our new pyrolysis plant. In the first phase of development biochar production will reach an annual capacity of 600 tonnes.

Sonnenerde GmbH

Sonnenerde GmbH
Phone:+43 3357 421 98 7
Email address:
Contact person: Elias Moisl
Location: 7422 Riedlingsdorf, Austria
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You can buy minimum 1 and maximum 150.

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