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American BioCarbon is a carbon removal and renewable bioproducts company. We offer a multi-pronged approach to scaling biochar production and carbon capture and are third-party certified to remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere through our biochar product.

Co-located with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill in White Castle, Louisiana, American BioCarbon operates an innovative manufacturing facility which makes renewable products from sugar cane waste. 

We use patented biomass separation technology along with other specialized equipment to make premium biochar from sugar cane bagasse.

Our process turns around the environmentally harmful practice of burning and decomposition of excess bagasse, while producing valuable products that instead sequester carbon, all while helping the sugar mill and local sugar growers.

We use reliable technology with innovative configurations to handle the challenges of bagasse and Louisiana weather – and we do so while achieving several of the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

We offer consistent production of premium biochar in our existing plant now - while we have the largest commercial biochar plant in the U.S. currently in construction.

American BioCarbon operates a net-negative process resulting in premium C02 Removal Certificates.  We welcome being held to a standard that requires processes and measurements to verify that our biochar and resulting CORCs can be counted on for carbon removal to meet sustainability goals.

Our current production volume will grow to from over 2,000 CORCs available annually to over 200,000 CORCs available annually with the addition of our new facility.  We’ve aligned with the Standard because we believe in a carbon removal credit market for net negative processes resulting in measurable, truly verified, long-term carbon removal products. 

And - American BioCarbon brings the industrial potential through scalability.

Contact us now to discuss how you and American BioCarbon can work together towards carbon net negative emissions.  Let’s do our part to save the world together.

Examples of usage info

Carbon capture

Soil amendment

Land and soil remediation

Fertilizer use reduction

Animal feed additive

Water filtration

Abandoned mine remediation

Co-benefits info

Used as a soil amendment, our agricultural biochar improves water retention, helps retain fertilizer, and steadies plant growth, making fields more productive.  It also captures carbon in solid form, which means carbon is permanently sequestered, making it a key environmental solution for carbon capture.

Explanation of avoided emissions

Biochar carbon remains sequestered over multiple centuries, with mean residence times (MRT) between 500 and 1000 years. At 101 years biochar carbon is not released all at once. For biochar’s that are not mixed in soil but rather in any other mineral matrix (such as concrete), there is no microbial respiration, and the durability is longer.

Economic acceleration impact info

The extra income from allows us to produce American BioCarbon Biochar has resulted in a shift from consideration of carbon fuel pellet production to a firm decision to produce American BioCarbon Biochar with Carbon Sequestration goals, and has resulted in plans for multiple plants as opposed to only a single plant.

Audit Information

Compliance to methodology requirements is done by an independent assessor. Their auditor visits the production facility, validates the accuracy of data, including the carbon net-negativity evidence presented in a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report, and issues an audit statement.
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Independently verified by info : Energy Link Services Pty Ltd

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