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The world’s first voluntary carbon removal marketplace for businesses.
Neutralizing your emissions with
carbon removal is possible today
Both reducing and removing carbon are key to reversing climate change. We help companies reach carbon net-zero by making CO2 removals verified, comparable and tradable.

Our CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) represent one ton of CO2 factually removed for the long term.
Need to neutralize your emissions?
Sign up to buy CORCs in the Puro.earth marketplace.
Do you develop carbon net-negative products?
Get a new revenue stream with CORCs.
Next auction will be held from 9th to 13th of December 2019.
The weighted average price in the latest auction was 22,67 € / CORC.

What goes up, must come down

Imagine a world where every company can remove carbon no matter what their business is.

Our marketplace issues verified CORCs, the missing piece in your carbon neutrality strategy.

Together we can create economic incentives to accelerate the carbon net-negative economy. We have seen it happen to renewable energy and we can make it happen to carbon removal.

We measure success by climate effect and economic impact.
How it works
Our suppliers develop carbon net-negative products i.e. they remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Removals are verified and measured by an independent third party and turned into CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs).
CORCs are bought in the Puro marketplace by climate proactive companies. Trading creates economic drivers to accelerate the development of CO2 removals.
After purchase, buyers can activate CORCs and use them in sustainability reporting and/or developing carbon neutral products and services.
  • The Puro marketplace is a valuable step to enable climate entrepreneurship in agriculture. We support carbon farming to become an approved CO2 removal method in the future. These solutions can help farmers to get a new source of income and develop value added products.
    Lea Rankinen, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations, SOK
  • To stop global warming, it is not enough to limit emissions; measures are also needed to remove carbon dioxide from the air. This is an exciting initiative to create economic drivers to accelerate the development.
    Joachim Alpen, Co-Head, Large Corporates & Financial Institutions Division, SEB
  • Corporations should be more active in supporting sustainable development and taking a stand on societal issues, for the common good. This cooperation with Puro gives us great opportunity to contribute even more towards reducing greenhouse emissions.
    Kia Haring, Head of Global Communication and Sustainability, Tieto
  • We are a forerunner in the circular economy and are continuously searching for ways to act more sustainably. We want to be involved in developing the Puro platform, with which it is possible to offer CO2 neutral services to our customers. It is vital for us that the CO2 removal methods are long-term and verified so that our customers can trust that compensation is done to highest standards. Puro has taken care of this especially carefully. This is very important work where we want to be involved.
    Jarna Hyvönen, Business manager, Digital circular economy solutions, Lassila & Tikanoja
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