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31 carbon removal suppliers available

500 € / CORC

Bella Biochar Corporation

Bella Biochar is pioneering the premium quality Biochar Market in Canada as the only commercial scale manufacturer of non-pyrolytic, Organically Certified, high value added biochar produced from landfill diverted biomass. For every metric tonne of Bella Biochar produced, three metric tonnes of Carbo...
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140 € / CORC

Jeffries Biochar - Australia

Biochar production from woody green organic wastes. 1500 dry tons p.a. capacity. 230 MWh power production p.a. from syngas, mostly for captive consumption.
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150 € / CORC

Nordgau Carbon. Biochar, SE Germany

Nordgau Carbon is a privately owned biochar producer located in the village of Wernberg-Köblitz in South-Eastern Germany. They use untreated wood chips from local PEFC-certified forestry operations to produce high-quality biochar that contains 89% carbon. Each metric ton of sequesters 2,8 tons of CO...
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200 € / CORC

Novocarbo - CO2 Removal. Right here. Right now

Novocarbo is a leading operator of pyrolysis plants and an international trading platform for biochar and its derivatives. We draw from a vast network of strong partnerships and collaborations with research institutes to push the frontiers in biochar applications. We leverage this breadth of knowled...
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60 € / CORC

Carbon removals from Finnish agriculture

Soilfood Ltd is a circular economy company. We create a sustainable food chain by processing industry side streams into fertilizers and soil amendments for agriculture. When a farmer uses Soil Improvement Fibres, this creates a carbon removal in arable land. One tonne of fibre binds 50–130 kg CO2 e...
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20 € / CORC


Igloo France Cellulose manufactures an insulation material made of waste papers (90%). One ton of this biobased carbon net-negative cellulose fiber insulation (CFI) stores 1,04 tons of CO2eq for 50 years. This insulation is suitable for both new and refurbished buildings. Over 18 months, up to 31400...
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25 € / CORC

LEKO - Wooden elements - Finland

LapWall manufactures about 400000m2 wooden elements annually. Our customers are construction companies. The LEKO®- element system enables very cost-effective element production in our factories, as well as fast and high-quality assembly at construction sites. Finnish coniferous forest trees are used...
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20 € / CORC

Net-negative insulation material - Finland

Ekovilla offers carbon net-negative cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) made from renewable natural resources. One tonne removes 1,11 tonnes of CO2 eq. from the atmosphere into long-term storage in the product. Once installed, CO2 is stored in durable building structures for a minimum of 50 years. It i...
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26 € / CORC


Are Treindustrier produces bio-based construction materials from sustainably managed local forests. The CO2 sequestered by the tree is stored for 50 to 100 years or more, creating a CO2 removal beyond the peak of global emissions. Their process is highly efficient, ensuring the removal of 532 kg CO2...
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30 € / CORC

Bio-based Construction CORCs from Austria

NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH is a subsidiary of the HASSLACHER Group, one of Europe's leading timber groups. Stall im Mölltal is one of several facilities that produce Cross Laminated Timber in the HASSLACHER Group.
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