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Sales Channel Partners 

 Are you interested in neutralizing your emissions with CORCs? The following partners can help you secure your supply

Buyer Services 

In addition to our sales channel partners, the following partner companies can support you with your purchases or sustainability initiatives


Supplier Services 

Are you interested in turning your net-negative activities into CORCs? Our partners can assist you in developing and measuring your projects. Additionally, project developers can help buyers secure their supply of CORCs through long-term commitments and offtake agreements 

Our technology partners are subject to terms & conditions

Validation and Verification Bodies 

At we’re serious when it comes to ensuring our CO2 removal certificates (CORCs) meet the stringent requirements of the Puro Standard. That is why we work with independent, accredited third-party Validation and Verification Bodies to verify the net-negativity of CORCs

Supplier verification at


Want to become a verifier?

Want to become a partner?

Our partners help expand the carbon removal ecosystem by providing support services to either CORC buyers or suppliers. If you're interested in becoming a sales channel, supplier services or audit partner, please get in touch with the Puro team.

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