Puro Standard requires independent verification of the carbon removed from the atmosphere

Supplier verification

To be issued CORCs under the Puro Standard carbon removal suppliers go through a rigorous verification process to confirm that their products are truly carbon net-negative. We take into consideration their lifecycle from cradle-to-gate and require scientific measurement and quantification of the removed CO2 and its residence time in storage.

For more details download the Rules and Methodologies documentation. Please note thar our biochar methodology has been updated.

Download Puro Standard & Marketplace Rules

What is the verification process?

1. A supplier makes a claim to us on the net-negativity of their products by presenting evidence: Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which attests that the product has absorbed more CO2 that it has emitted.

2. Based on this evidence, compliance to Puro Standard methodology requirements is audited by independent assessors trained by, who visit the production facility, validate the accuracy of data and issue an audit statement. The costs of verification are covered by

3. The verified volume of extra carbon absorbed in the products is then issued CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) for every metric ton of CO2 removed and stored.

4. Suppliers are free to sell their CORCs at any venue, marketplace, broker or directly to companies who want to neutralize their emissions by removals and become climate positive.


Become a supplier

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