Freres Biochar

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Carbon Removal Information info

Status of production info : Audited
Year of first issuance : 2021
Minimum amount to negotiate info : 10

Description info

Established in 1922, Freres Engineered Wood produces finished plywood products, lumber, veneers, structural composite lumber, and mass ply panels (MPP) with around 450 employees in Lyons, Oregon, on the westside of the Cascade Mountains. In our continuous goal of minimizing the impact we have on the environment, we have developed a high-quality biochar from our own biomass power production. 

To manufacture engineered wood-based products we need to produce steam and electricity.  We use a 100% biomass-fired rotary bed boiler that runs 24/7. The boiler is fed with a wide range of biomass feedstocks sourced from the local region and waste from our on-site production of timber products. The process results in biochar that removes 2.899 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of biochar.

The production of biochar by Freres Engineered Wood is performed in accordance with the eligibility requirements for the Biochar Methodology. The feedstock comes from multiple sources: 62% of the feedstock is waste wood such as pallet grindings, ply trim and sawdust. 10% is agricultural waste, 0,3% is food processing residues, and 28% forestry residues (Bark) from Freres’ own operations. The carbon content of the biochar is 81,1% in the dry state. The stability of the carbon content can be ascertained using the molar O/Corg ratio. The maximum oxygen content was calculated by excluding other elements, and the maximum molar O/C ratio of 0.09 determined.

Examples of usage info

  • Soil fertilization and Regeneration
  • Landfill Emissions Management
  • Water Treatment

Co-benefits info

With a dry weight Carbon (C) content of 81% and a surface area of 350.5 m2/g, Freres biochar is an excellent base structure for enhancing the development of healthy soils. The expected results from the use of our biochar in soil applications includes:

-raising soil pH
-improved porosity
-increased water infiltration and retainment rates
-reduced compaction
-increase cation exchange
-promotion of healthy fungal and microbial populations.

Economic acceleration impact info

We are a family-owned Oregon forestry and wood engineering company, the legacy of our forest practices and how they affect the next generation is of primary importance. For generations now at Freres Engineered Wood, we have worked to constantly understand how to best harvest the abundant natural capital we are so fortunate to have available, while minimizing our operation’s environmental impact. We are excited to have a new pathway to help maintain the long-term sustainability of not only our own forests but our entire ecosystem.  The extra income from Puro.Earth allows us to continue growing and expanding our Biochar business.  Up until now, Biochar has been a secondary product for us, being the remains of our feedstock from our lumber production facility.  Having this extra income will allow us to expand the outreach of our product and be able to offer it at a competitive price.

Audit Information

Compliance to methodology requirements is done by an independent assessor. Their auditor visits the production facility, validates the accuracy of data, including the carbon net-negativity evidence presented in a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report, and issues an audit statement.
Facility ID info : 643002406801000237
Independently verified by info : Energy Link Services

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