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CORCs are available for purchase from issuances until 2022. New issuances will not be made due to the revised Puro Standard requirements for the carbon storage durability. Read more here.

LapWall is the builder's best friend and is also great for the environment! 

LapWall is a forerunning company pioneering and developing wooden elements, that has always viewed the customer as number one. Our customers greatly appreciate our company, which is among the best in the industry. Our LapWall LEKO®- element system offers the most cost-effective way to build high-quality townhouses and apartment buildings, nursing homes and day care centers, as well as business- and production buildings.

We have been pioneers in our industry, bringing a more environmentally friendly, lessening the burden on the environment to build both with high quality and cost-effectiveness. LapWall has enabled growth in the Finnish market of building with wooden elements. Our industrially manufactured LEKO®- elements have succeeded in the market very well. The products of the LEKO®- element system apply excellently for both large and small construction. Currently, our factories manufactures approximately 400 000 m² of wooden elements annually. Our customers in Finland consist of all the largest constructions companies.

Since the beginning of our operations, we have effectively recycled all excess material from the manufacturing process. In addition, we have continuously optimized the use of raw materials in a way that enables us to minimize the waste that results from the manufacturing process. We are the most wanted partner in our industry, that currently the demand is so high, that we cannot deliver our products to each customer that wish to acquire them. We are currently making significant investments that enable doubling the current manufacturing capacity. With these investments, the most modern and effective assembly lines will be introduced in the industry. We are also building a new factory for wooden element components, which reduces the waste of raw materials close to zero. The new factory will be able to utilize beam measurements in production that our competitors cannot use, giving us a massive advantage. This enables even larger binding of carbon in the manufacturing process than before.

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LapWall has brought a standardized, permanent selection of products with a strict concept to the market for builders. This has enabled a cost-effective way of building, with an even, high quality and environmentally friendly way.

LEKO®- element system offers the most cost-effective way to build town houses and apartment buildings, nursing homes and day care centers, logistics centers as well as business- and production buildings. We deliver elements to projects of all sizes.

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LapWall LEKO®- element system has provided an alternative for large construction companies to use timber instead of concrete. LEKO®- elements bind carbon. The less concrete that is used in construction, the less it burdens the environment. The cement that is used when building with concrete is one of the largest contributors of emissions in the world.  LapWall manufacturing processes are extremely effective. We use 3D CAD and CAM -systems and software robotics in our planning processes. This enables optimal use of timber and other raw materials in our factories.

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The extra income from Puro Earth allows us to quickly build a new factory for components, which in turn enables the minimization of the amount of timber waste to nearly zero. With the new factory, we are able to utilize the cuts of timber that our competitors cannot work with. The factory also enables faster execution of our investment program, aiming to double our current production.

Audit Information

Compliance to Puro.earth methodology requirements is done by an independent assessor. Their auditor visits the production facility, validates the accuracy of data, including the carbon net-negativity evidence presented in a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report, and issues an audit statement.
Facility ID info : 643002406801000305
Independently verified by info : DNV GL

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Contact: Jarmo Pekkarinen
Email address: info@lapwall.fi
Location: Finland
Website: https://www.lapwall.fi/
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