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Carbon removal through industrial pyrolysis technology

We sequester atmospheric carbon into biochar and put that valuable carbon to use: in healthy, fertile soil, blue green infrastructure to substituting fossil carbons in circular economy concepts.  We actively remove carbon from the atmosphere through biochar by converting high volumes of biogenic residues into sustainable carbon removal on an industrial scale. 

Once incorporated into soil the carbon it contains is removed from the natural cycle for centuries: The most stable and safest CO2 sink and the only commercially proven Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technology becomes reality.

Novocarbo GmbH
The Novocarbo GmbH leverages a breadth of knowledge and experience to lead the way to developing a strong and sustainable biochar industry. We are a leading operator of pyrolysis plants and an international trading platform for biochar and its derivatives, Novocarbo draws from an extensive network of strong partnerships and collaboration with research institutions to push the frontiers in biochar applications.

Our highly customizable biochar solutions can be used across a number of industries, such as a soil amendment, water treatment and as an additive to decarbonize industrial products such as textiles or sustainable building materials. We provide biochar solutions to various green city projects and construction sites throughout Europe.

With our company Swiss Biochar we bring 10 years of experience in developing high-performance substrates. Here we refine our biochar with a scientifically proven high-quality process for green/blue infrastructure and agriculture applications which can be tailored to the customers’ needs.

Novocarbo's goal is to participate in the mitigation of climate change actively. We are constantly striving to gather and generate new vital knowledge in regard to products, market dynamics and development.

Examples of usage info

  • Biochar for soil remediation and amendment in agricultural applications, as feed additive and bedding for livestock – through our exclusive partnership with Beiselen, one of Germany’s largest agricultural retailers
  • Biochar for wastewater and stormwater treatment
  • Biochar as additive/filler material for industrial composite materials such as concrete & high-performance polymers
  • Biochar as additive/amendment for high-performance substrates – through Swiss Biochar, Europe’s oldest biochar company recognized for their Swiss Terra Preta products, see also Skanska City Project

Co-benefits info

  • The incorporation of the material into industrial value chains allows for compensating CO2 emissions by insetting 
  • Our manufacturing process technology is state of the art. Once activated, the autothermal process nearly runs on its own and requires just marginal additional energy input which we source from renewable energies, resulting in a CO2 negative production process. Excess heat and energy are fed into the grid.
  • With our biochar we improve CO2 balances of products with distinctively tailoring and incorporating our materials into products.
  • Our process ensures the highest product quality and integrity through compliance with internationally accepted standards such as the European Biochar Consortium (EBC) standard.
  • Biochar added to compost results in methane reductions during the process.
  • It further reduces nitrous oxide emissions, nitrate, and phosphorus leakage, helps reducing the utilization of mineral fertilizers and therefore protects water, soil and boosts biodiversity. 

    You want to explore biochar? Let us help you finding the best biochar solution for your application together with our highly proficient expert team.

Economic acceleration impact info

The benefits and possibilities of biochar need to be diffused among different sectors.

  • The first goal is to further promote its ecological value and capabilities and use the additional revenue from voluntary compensation certificates to subsidize the prices for biochar and in this way enable further application.
  • Secondly, the additional monetary resources will allow us to increase our R&D activities towards more possibilities for insetting practices based on pyrogenic carbon capture and storage (PyCCS) technologies.
  • Finally, we will be able to scale up our production facilities and increase our reach.

The biochar industry needs to expand, it needs to grow to have an even greater impact on climate mitigation. The overall purpose is to remove as much carbon as possible among all sectors and branches.

Audit Information

Compliance to methodology requirements is done by an independent assessor. Their auditor visits the production facility, validates the accuracy of data, including the carbon net-negativity evidence presented in a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report, and issues an audit statement.
Facility ID info : 643002406801000343
Independently verified by info : bio.inspecta AG

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