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Pacific Bio Fuels Holdings

170 000
CORC Price
45 €
Production Timeline
Q2 2024-Q4 2025

About the project

PBFH is a pioneering company specializing in Industrial Hemp to biochar for long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere.

We turn specially modified hemp into biochar, a very stable form of carbon. The process is as follows: plants capture carbon during photosynthesis; we extract and stabilise this carbon through a world first state of the art pyrolysis process designed by the University of Technology Sydney; the resulting biochar is buried in the soil, safely storing the carbon out of the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

This allows us to generate high-quality carbon credits, which also include the many co-benefits provided with our model, such as increased crop yields through biochar use in soils and production of renewable electricity from the excess energy of pyrolysis - Syngas/Hydrogen and important social programs

PBFH's aim is to be the largest industrial hemp company in the world and for Papua New Guinea to be the shining beacon for quality carbon removal credits to the world which will positively impact climate and dramatically improve the lives of people in Papua New Guinea.

Key Project Data

  • Type of project info
    New facility or site
  • Carbon removal methodology info
  • Durability of carbon removal in years (number) info
  • Co-benefits info
    Job creation 
    Social programs 
    Apprenticeships with gender equality
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) info
  • Production facility country info
    Papua New Guinea
  • Site visits are possible info
  • Certifications or assessments info
    • University of Queensland certified Hemp results 
    • LCA
    • JV agreements 
    • Lease agreements 
    • MOU's with strategic partners 
  • Planned start date of construction info
  • Planned start date of production info
  • Annual carbon removal capacity in tCO2e (number) info
  • Additionality info

    If one would invest in a biochar production process, the revenue from the biochar will need to be larger than the investment and operation costs of the pyrolysis plant.

    The CORCs will help the business in the sense that it will push the revenue past the costs.

  • Implementation of this project is subject to receiving funding (equity or debt) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to permits (building, environmental, etc.) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to reaching minimum pre-CORC commitments info
  • The above conditions are expected to be fulfilled on this date

About the supplier

PBFH Pty Ltd

There is an enormous need for companies around the world to change their fuels and offset their emissions with complete carbon removal through biochar to create a better, cleaner environment. PBFH sees a way to achieve this with over 80,000 hectares, the world's first, state-of-the-art technology that creates transparency, provenance, and real-time data recording for our clients while helping to improve the quality of life for the people of Papua New Guinea through apprenticeships, training, developing skills, education, health, and employment for locals.
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