Carbonfuture is the world's leading provider of high-integrity, durable carbon removal. By partnering with Carbonfuture, CDR suppliers under the Puro Scheme unlock significant advantages, including unparalleled market access and comprehensive certification support.

At Carbonfuture, we build trust throughout the carbon removal journey with our rigorous, data-driven MRV+ system, ensuring that every carbon removal credit in our Marketplace meets the highest standards of quality. Supported by our leading Trust Infrastructure, a software solution built for accounting trustworthy durable carbon removals at scale, we facilitate seamless reporting of certification-relevant data, credit transfers and retirements, ensuring transparency and compliance at every step.  

We empower CDR suppliers by providing the essential project support needed to transform their carbon removal projects into fully certified carbon credits. Additionally, we prepare suppliers for our CORC buyer due diligence processes, assessing technical, reputational, and financial qualifications. As endorsed Puro Project Developer, we're here to guide you, the carbon removal supplier, through the diligent certification process of the Puro Standard with precision and expertise. We handle all aspects of certification, from managing communication, data input, contracts, and payments, under a power of attorney agreement with you. Our comprehensive services include conducting eligibility assessments of your project according to Puro's standard and methodologies. Carbonfuture MRV+ streamlines reporting, inventory management, and credit transactions via our Sales Channel. 

For corporate buyers, we offer Sales Channel access to portfolios of carbon removal credits adhering to the highest quality standards and provide visibility at each step of the carbon removal lifecycle. Our team of carbon market experts will assist you, as a buyer, in selecting the most suitable carbon removal credits from a portfolio of global projects to meet your company's sustainability goals and priorities. Our services encompass lead prospecting, supplier due diligence and promotion, and portfolio curation, ensuring access to high-quality credits from advanced CDR technologies like Biochar Carbon Removal, Mineralization, and Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). Choose from a selection of purchasing options designed to help you achieve your carbon removal goals. We make the purchasing process frictionless, lowering risk and enabling a clear path toward credible and sustainable climate action. 

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Climate Impact X
Climate Impact X (CIX) is a global marketplace, auctions house and exchange for trusted carbon credits. The company is uniquely positioned to cater to all major user requirements in the carbon markets ecosystem, including the widest range of end-user, supplier, investor and intermediary needs.

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