Patch is the platform that powers climate action. With Patch, companies can embed carbon removal into their products directly via our flexible API, as well as purchase anywhere from a gram to a giga-tonne of carbon removal from reputable and trusted projects. With the widest range of carbon removal projects across nature-based and frontier technology.

Climate projects

Patch has the broadest selection of vetted carbon credits available, accessible through direct purchases, multi-year offtake agreements, or in any digital transaction using the Patch API. Companies like Bain & Company, Credit Suisse, and Route rely on Patch to help them accelerate their climate impact while engaging their customers in climate-first experiences. Patch pairs cutting-edge software with impartial, transparent project scrutiny to make climate action accessible and reliable for everyone, so we can rebalance the planet — together.

Patch solutions:
• Carbon Access Platform
• Patch Offtake
• CarbonOS
• Radius
• Patch API

Carbon Access Platform
Patch enables corporate buyers to access and purchase a diversified portfolio of carbon credits, with built-in assurances to enhance confidence. Each Patch project passes a robust vetting process. Project details are visible and, where possible, enriched by third party ratings and analyses. 

Furthermore, Patch provides default protection, enabling credits to be swapped in the case that a supplier fails to deliver on what was promised. Tailored guidance, from general market insights to custom carbon credit portfolio construction to insights from suppliers themselves, is also provided by the team at Patch — ensuring your credit portfolio maps to your climate strategy.

How Carbon Access Platform can help you:
• Seamlessly compare and evaluate vetted carbon credits from a broad and diverse network of project developers
• Build a diversified climate impact portfolio, with no operational overhead
• Receive expert guidance and carbon market insights to inform your strategy

Patch Offtake
Patch’s multi-year offtake product enables buyers to secure carbon credit access in a supply-constrained market and helps cutting-edge carbon removal project developers to scale their technology. In addition to ensuring access to volume and protecting against price volatility, Patch has the widest breadth of innovative suppliers and project types so buyers can build diversified offtake portfolios with protection against delivery risks.

How Patch Offtake can help you:
• Secure inventory and protect against price volatility
• Access a broad portfolio of project types maintaining targeted average price point
• Hedge credit quality and delivery risks through Patch’s credit swap offering
CarbonOS is the operating system for carbon credit suppliers to manage their operations and grow their revenue. CarbonOS increases efficiency and rigor by enabling teams to track carbon credits across the end-to-end lifecycle and providing a single source of truth across the organization. A wide range of sales solutions enable suppliers to seamlessly sell to their customers and expand their reach to new ones.

How CarbonOS can help you:
• End-to-end credit tracking, from estimation to delivery
• Sell credits across channels with ability to set risk reserves and map orders against inventory
• Scale distribution to credits across the Patch buyer network
• Enable customers to transact seamlessly and receive auto-generated status pages and purchase certificates

Patch Radius helps companies easily build a curated climate action platform that extends access to carbon credits throughout their network of suppliers, clients, partners, or subsidiaries. Radius is a turnkey solution that powers exponential climate action among organizations in your business’s sphere of influence.

How Radius can help you:
• Easily roll out a tailored climate action program to organizations in your radius of influence
• Develop a curated portfolio of projects in line with your climate action criteria
• Invite your network to take action within the Patch Radius user experience
• Track your network’s impact on an aggregate and individual organization level

Patch API
Patch’s API helps companies integrate emissions estimates and climate action into any end-user journey to drive climate impact-focused engagement and loyalty.

How Patch API can help you:
• Order-based emissions estimates
• User-driven project selection and fractional contribution
• Programmatic access to project details to drive user education

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