PYREG GmbH is an industry leading German manufacturer of machines for carbonizing organic waste into CO2-binding valuable biochar while generating renewable energy. With its modular high-tech machines, the company offers a proven (50+ plants commissioned worldwide), scalable, and cost- effective solution for safe and permanent carbon removal.

Vetted Models by Pyreg P500, Pyreg P1500, Pyreg PX500, Pyreg PX1500, Pyreg PX6000 

PYREG GmbH is a German NetZero Tech company and a pioneer in the field of CO2 removal (CDR) through sustainable solutions in waste disposal management. The machine manufacturer - using a patented carbonization technology - was founded in 2009 as a university spin-off.

With its modular high-tech machines, the company offers a proven, scalable, and cost-effective solution for safe and permanent binding of environmentally harmful CO2 in the form of beneficial biochar. 

PYREG is a world market leader in carbonizing organic waste into EBC-certified biochar – a process that simultaneously produces clean, renewable energy. The PYREG process is suitable for a wide range of biogenic inputs such as Sewage sludge, digestate, manure, stable litter, cereal waste, food processing residues slaughterhouse waste, straw, wood chips, SRC wood, green waste, fruit stones, nut shells, compost screenings, and many more.

In the case of sewage sludge, manure and others alike, the PYREG process allows to recover valuable phosphorus, as the precise control of the process parameters ensures a gentle but complete carbonization. At the same time, organic-based pollutants (such as pharmaceuticals, PFAS and microplastics) are safely eliminated and mineral-based pollutants are filtered out at temperatures of up to 1000°C in the combustion chamber.

The carbonization of ligno-cellulosic biomasses results in permanent and widely applicable Biochar. 

Efficient, climate-friendly and without harmful by-products.

Used as a soil conditioner or in other permanent material applications, biochar creates a natural, safe, and long-term carbon sink. The amount of CO2 bound by PYREG’s plants can be certified and traded.

By the end of 2022, all PYREG plants commissioned worldwide sequestered over 30,000 tons of CO2 per year.

PYREG has also announced its plans for further expansion in the USA. In April 2022, the company founded its US subsidiary - establishing both sales and technical service support for this growing market segment.

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