Puro Standard: Life Cycle Assessment Guidance for Suppliers
Puro Standard: Life Cycle Assessment Guidance for Suppliers
Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the cornerstone of sound carbon removal. Indeed, a well-performed LCA provides:

- the basis for a strong physical understanding of the removal activity,
- credibility and transparency for the calculation of CORCs
- and ultimately, access to carbon finance.

As we say to all actors in the CO2 removal space, performing LCA requires competence, knowledge, and time. It is not just a formality to be done once during certification but is a working tool that follows a removal project over the years. 

Therefore, CO2 removal suppliers should invest in it early.

This being said, LCA is also a multi-faceted tool with many applications. It is also often misunderstood or misused. Therefore in the recorded presentation below, we explain:

- what type of LCA is required for certification under the Puro Standard
- how LCA is used during the Puro certification process
- CO2 Removal Suppliers that are part of the Platform can get access to further documents and templates to help them perform their LCA.

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