Woody Biomass Burial Methodology Webinar
Woody Biomass Burial Methodology Webinar

A new Puro Standard carbon removal methodology is out! 

Woody Biomass Burial offers a unique opportunity for large scale, affordable and fully additional carbon removal, which would not happen without carbon finance.

The methodology covers activities capable of burying woody biomass under conditions that inhibit biomass decomposition and can maintain those conditions for containment of the stored carbon for at least 100 years. This methodology has been approved by our Advisory Board in March 2022 and it will be piloted over the coming 2 years so that additional data and evidence can be gathered from field trials. This will further substantiate the viability of such an approach to carbon removal. The eligible projects must be net-negative in terms of the overall carbon footprint and also comply with the following requirements:

  • right to use the land for woody biomass burial
  • trust fund or similar arrangement for long-term site management
  • wood must come from waste or a purpose-grown plantation
  • be additional, the project would not have happened without carbon finance
  • the chamber must be designed to inhibit decay
  • methane must be detected and destroyed
  • environmental and social safeguards are in place, such as site closure after operation, decommissioning and rehabilitation

For more details download the methodology here

Excited to hear more about it?'s VP of Methodologies, Leonard Smith, gave an overview of the methodology, and we heard from two projects that are currently performing field trials, InterEarth and EnviroNZ, in the public consultation webinar. Watch below!

Download webinar slides here
Download EnviroNZ webinar slides here


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