Enhanced Rock Weathering in Soil

Accelerating a natural process to remove carbon and reverse climate change

What Is Enhanced Rock Weathering?

Natural rock weathering is a geological process that removes around 1.1 Gt of CO₂ from the atmosphere per year. As silicate rocks weather, they capture carbon from the atmosphere permanently, but it happens at extremely slow rates over tens of thousands of years. Enhanced rock weathering (ERW) is a process that fast-tracks the natural process of carbon removal.

The world’s first carbon crediting methodology for Enhanced Rock Weathering
Standing true to our reputation as the world’s leading carbon removal platform for engineered carbon removal, has developed the first enhanced rock weathering (ERW) carbon crediting methodology. Under the Puro Standard, we issue CO₂ Removal Certificates (CORCs) to carbon removal suppliers through the Puro Registry. Climate-conscious companies can purchase CORCs to neutralize their residual emissions and support their sustainability claims. 


Enhanced Rock Weathering: A Solution for Combating Climate Change


The resources required for ERW such as rock types and application surfaces are abundant across the globe and rock mining, grinding, and spreading are established technologies that provide significant carbon removal potential at a global scale.

Permanence of 1000+ years

ERW is among the most permanent forms of carbon removal, with 1000+ years of storage, with little risk of reversal

Turning waste into carbon removal

Residual rocks from other established industrial operations such as quarry operations, can be used beneficially for ERW, essentially turning a waste product into carbon removal ​

Impact beyond carbon removal

ERW offers several positive co-benefits, particularly in agriculture, including enhancing agricultural productivity, restoring degraded soils, and reducing the need for fertilizers

How Enhanced Rock Weathering Captures Carbon

The natural rock weathering carbon capture process begins when carbon in the atmosphere is dissolved in rainwater and forms carbonic acid. A chemical reaction occurs when acidic rainwater comes into contact with rocks that contain silicate minerals and carbon is captured and converted into bicarbonate and/or carbonate ions. Over time, the rock break down into small particles and the bicarbonate and/or carbonate ions form part of the soil or are transported by rivers into the oceans, where the carbon is stored for tens of thousands of years.

How Enhanced Rock Weathering Accelerates CO2 Removal

Rock weathering is a natural process that removes carbon from the atmosphere. Enhanced Rock Weathering fast-tracks the carbon removal process that from thousands of years to years-decades by crushing large silicate rocks into fine particles or gathering residual rocks from other processes, such as quarry operations, and applying rocks to soil. ERW can accelerate carbon removal by: 
1. Selecting the most reactive rock types,
2. Increasing the surface area of the rock, and
3. Applying rocks to optimal soils and climatic conditions. 

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The enhanced rock weathering methodology sets the requirements for verification and quantification of carbon removal and ensures high carbon credit integrity, minimal environmental impact that follows thresholds and the stipulated requirements of local or EU regulation, and scientific rigor under the Puro Standard. It is based on the best available science and quantification methods and will be revised as this understanding evolves and large data sets are developed.  

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Benefits of Enhanced Rock Weathering

Beyond carbon sequestration and the positive impact on the climate, ERW has many positive benefits, particularly for agriculture and the land. The spreading of silicate rocks in soil can:

      Increase crop yield and enhance agricultural productivity 

  •  Amend degraded soils 

      Build plant resistance against pests and diseases Improve crop water retention, potentially increasing crop resilience to drought
      Reduces the need for fertilizers   

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