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Neutralize your emissions with a carbon removal certificate (CORC). Select your preferred supplier and act now!

3 carbon removal suppliers available

320 € / CORC

Biochar from France

Sylva Fertilis produces biochar at their new facility at Argentan in Normandy, France. The biochar fixes and sequesters CO2. It is sold retail under the Terra Fertilis brand, or wholesale to farmers, golf courses, wine producers and forestry operations.
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25 € / CORC

LEKO - Wooden elements - Finland

LapWall manufactures about 400000m2 wooden elements annually. Our customers are construction companies. The LEKO®- element system enables very cost-effective element production in our factories, as well as fast and high-quality assembly at construction sites. Finnish coniferous forest trees are used...
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23,50 € / CORC


Are Treindustrier produces wooden building elements from sustainably managed local forests. The CO2 sequestered by the tree is stored for 50 to 100 years or more, creating a CO2 removal beyond the peak of global emissions. Their process is highly efficient, ensuring the removal of 532 kg CO2 per m3 ...
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