Biochar Carbon Removal by BC Biocarbon

120 € / CORC

Carbon Removal Information info

Status of production info : Audited
Year of first issuance : 2022
Minimum amount to negotiate info : 20

Description info

BC Biocarbon was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. Using our proprietary biorefinery technology we produce biochar and biogenic carbon products (including bioenergy, biochemicals and other pyrolysis-derived products). Our mission is to massively accelerate atmospheric decarbonization via carbon removal while producing high-utility products.

Our McBride facility is the core development operation for our proprietary technology. Our biorefinery in McBride specializes in the conversion of wildfire affected and other degraded forestry biomass to long-lived biochar and other useful co-products. Through our high temperature biochar production we derive our high quality carbon removal credits. We strive to expand the renewable bioeconomy and to produce low carbon products for a low carbon future.

BC Biocarbon ‘Black Bear Biochar’ Specifications

  • Made from 100% forestry residues
  • ~90% carbon content and often higher
  • <10% Ash (commonly <6%)
  • Natural pH level of ~9.4
  • Dry Density (tonnes / m³) 
    • 0.223 for <2mm; Cub Sized
    • 0.136 for 2-6mm; Yearling Sized
    • 0.108  for >6mm; Mamma Sized

Please visit our website for more information and to view our McBride biorefinery in action.

Examples of usage info

  • Agricultural and horticultural soil enhancements
  • Stormwater management and pollution removal
  • Septic field integration for nutrient control
  • Materials integration such as concrete and plastics
  • Flue gas filtration

Co-benefits info

BC Biocarbon aims to progress these 6 sustainable development goals at all our facilities:

  • Climate action;
  • Affordable and clean energy;
  • Decent work and economic growth;
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure;
  • Sustainable Cities and communities;
  • Responsible consumption and production.

Explanation of avoided emissions

Whether from post-harvest locations or sawmills, forestry residues will biodegrade or be burned back into atmospheric CO2, and in some cases produce methane from slow decomposition in high moisture environments. Through processing these forestry residues, BC Biocarbon converts and stores biomass into long-term chemically stable carbon, in the form of biochar.

Economic acceleration impact info

The largest economic impact provided from CORC revenues is to accelerate investment and progress on our next (larger) biorefinery in Saskatchewan, Canada. In short, added CORC revenue makes our project financially viable and enables us to attract investment partners.

If you are interested in pre-purchasing biochar carbon removal credits from our new project (now under construction), you can view our pre-CORC listing here:

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Contact: Geoff de Ruiter - Carbon Manager
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Location: Canada
You can buy minimum 1 and maximum 150.
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