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CSI - Hardin 2023

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Q2 2023-Q3 2023

About the project


Terrestrial Storage of Biomass (TSB) is a long-term, all-natural storage solution that moves carbon within wood out of the fast cycle, where it would decay in months or years, and places it into the slow cycle. This ensures wood will not decay for centuries or millennia. Located in East Texas, we store unwanted biomass in our underground storage vaults, designed to eliminate air and liquid transfer between the wood vault and the atmosphere. Here, carbon is durably and indefinitely stored for over 1,000 years.

About the CSI - Hardin 2023 Project

Our main project, CSI - Hardin 2023, operates from a 45.5-acre area north of Beaumont, Texas, near the Big Thicket Preserve. With a permit from TCEQ MSW (Permit No. 100557), we've buried over 5,000 tCO2e of biomass in six wood vaults over the past two years. Since Spring 2023, in compliance with the Puro.earth TSB Standard, we’ve sequestered over 3,500 tCO2e equivalent of unmerchantable wood slash destined for burning. We also have access to an additional 10,400 tCO2e of wood waste scheduled for burning over the next six months.


Our Hardin site, chosen for its geotechnical, soil, hydrological, and sourcing conditions, features soils conducive to anaerobic conditions, stable hydrology, low seismic risk, and an abundance of approved carbon feedstocks (wood debris). We extract clay from the local Lissie Formation for our confining layer and cap. This heavy, plastic clay with very low hydraulic conductivity (<5.0 x 10^-9 m/s) enables us to bury material up to 25' deep and effectively prevents water infiltration with a 6'-15’ clay cap.


Efficiency, durability and transparency are key to our operations. Our meticulous record-keeping simplifies auditing and buyer inspection procedures for wood handling, carbon verification and emissions testing. Our dedicated team of skilled operators, trained in timber operations, ensures efficient excavation, burial, maximum pit volume, reduced emissions and increased biomass density.

We've pioneered a gas collection system to track gas offtake from the biomass. This includes monitoring the mass transfer, oxygen levels, gas pressure, temperature, and moisture levels within the clay cap. All biomass buyers are welcome to investigate their buried materials and explore options for its future use, such as feedstocks for BECCS, biochar, and green hydrogen. We ensure we have excess clay nearby, and funds set aside for remediation, supporting the long-term stability of our vaults.

Key Project Data

  • Type of project info
    New facility or site
  • Carbon removal methodology info
    Terrestrial Storage of Biomass
  • Durability of carbon removal in years (number) info
  • Co-benefits info
    Woody biomass burial stores the carbon that was sequestered by photosynthesis during the tree's life. Co-benefits are cleaner air in rural communities where the wood would have been burned, increased oxygen levels, improved air quality, employment opportunities in rural communities, improved access to forested areas, improved drainage in flood-prone areas, utilization of waste products, and opportunities to create long-term forested habitats.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) info
  • Production facility country info
    United States of America
  • Site visits are possible info
  • Certifications or assessments info
    Life Cycle and Environmental Impact Assessment of Hardin Underground Wood Vault updated March 27, 2023 by geotechnical risk management consulting firm Geoclime, LLC (Professional Geoscientist, ASQ Certified, compliant with ISO 14040 ISO 14044).
    Carbon Life Cycle Assessment updated March 26, 2023.
    Geotechnical Engineering & Design Document updated February 24, 2023.
  • Project start date info
  • Expected certification and issuance date info
  • Annual carbon removal capacity in tCO2e (number) info
  • Additionality info
    Biomass feedstocks are carefully sourced to meet the following criteria: 1) forest management, 2) biomass certified for burning or decay, 3) carbon purchase did not encourage emissions elsewhere ("leakage"), and 4) sequestration would not occur without the carbon purchase.

About the supplier

Carbon Sequestration Inc.

Carbon Sequestration Inc. ("CSI") was started in 2019 and has been pioneering wood burial techniques ever since. Our Woody Biomass Burial ("WBB") process utilizes wood wastes from land use change and forestry operations in east Texas and Louisiana. Our leadership team consists of legal, science, and experienced forest industry professions. We believe landowners, forest management companies, and local communities are all stakeholders in our environmental vision: reducing global greenhouse emissions. Co-benefits of WBB include improved air quality, high-quality green jobs, and improved forest habitats.
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