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Inkan Negro

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Q4 2022-Q4 2032

About the project

INKAN NEGRO SAC is a company that develops strategies for the management of waste biomass, in order to develop sustainable and economically beneficial organic fertilizers for Peruvian agriculture.  This private company has been in operation since 2014 and is currently owned by its founder, Dr Brenton Ladd.  Dr Ladd is a research professor at the Universidad Cientifica del Sur, in Lima Peru. The research he does is focused on: biochar, climate change mitigation and conservation planning.   Inkan Negro aims to move biochar out of academia into the real world where it can achieve societal impact, contributing to the urgent need for climate change mitigation, the remediation of polluted soils, and the need to improve management of waste biomass in Peru and beyond.

Key Project Data

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    Expansion of existing facility or site
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    In addition to the climate mitigation the biochar we produce is helping to resolve waste management issues in Peru, see: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11104-021-05159-6)

    Further, the biochar formulation we have developed is optimised specifically for the immobilisation of the heavy metals such as cadmium.  Cadmium is a serious problem in Peruvian agriculture because the EU recently established new limits for cadmium content in Cacao and other agricultural products (see Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006).  The biochar formulation we have developed has been verified as effective for addressing this specific issue via highly transparent, large scale field trials being managed by Bioversity International, implemented by the Cacao Cooperatives, and financed by a wide range of funders, including Usaid: 


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    The following life cycle assessment provides clear insight into the current levels of climate change mitigation we are achieving with our current production:


    In addition, we have produced over 400 tonnes of biochar that has been included in large scale agricultural trials being led by Bioversity International and funded by UsAid (and others) in which the efficacy of our biochar formulation for soil remediation has been established using the highest possible scientific standards:



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    CORCs will give us working capital needed to upscale production faster than would be possible using sales revenues alone, which will mean more climate change mitigation more quickly.  CORCs will also allow us to retrofit our existing production technology with emission control technology. Further, as mentioned the biochar formulation we have developed has been verified as highly effective for remediating cadmium affected soils. The CORC revenue will not only be used for upscaling production capacity (and therefore lowering unit costs for end users), it will also be used to offer a discounted biochar product to cooperatives that are run by and for economically vulnerable farming families in Peru. 

    As detailed in the attached LCA waste management starts from a low base in Peru and our biochar production is contributing significantly to the resolution of the waste management problem. 

    Developing local capacity for own production of organic fertilizer is extremely important for Peru.  Many poor farming families rely on agriculture for a significant percentage of their income.  Dependence on imported fertilizers is a significant vulnerability, which has been demonstrated recently with the devaluation of the Peruvian currency.  In addition, the decision of China, a globally important producer of rock phosphate , to discontinue the export of phosphorus, will exacerbate an already bad situation, see: https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-10-01/china-expected-to-stop-phosphate-exports/100505026.

    Finally, the production of the quantities of biochar we have planned will produce significant heat energy, that could be used for a range of activities that bridge commerce and environmental management, i.e. water filtration.  Possibilities will be further investigated through financial analysis. 

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About the supplier

inkan negro sac

Inkan Negro is a limited liability company registered in Peru.
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