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Power 4 Sustainability - Biochar

23 600
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235 €
Production Timeline
Q1 2024-Q4 2029

About the project

P4S will establish a recycling and upcycling center at the site of recycling company Cirwinn in Almere, Netherlands. The facility will produce Biochar, a high-quality alternative to fertilizer for circular agriculture, as well as advanced bi-oils for the food industry and green chemicals, carbon removal credits, and aggregate for the concrete industry.

P4S will utilize waste woody biomass from the local area, including felling and pruning offcuts and maintenance and thinning wood, to create its products. These residual flows are essential for sustainable forest management. P4S is focused on upcycling, which means that the value of the end products exceeds that of the input materials. The raw materials are first stripped of sand, stones, and water, which are used as raw materials in the on-site concrete factory. The remaining bio-raw materials are then pyrolysed and further processed in the upcycling process. The heat generated during the process is used to dry the raw materials, and no fossil fuels are used.

Key Project Data

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    New facility or site
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  • Co-benefits info

    P4S biochar facility will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the following ways: 

    Excess energy will be sold to neighbouring customers and used onsite. Biomass energy is considered renewable when the origin of the feedstock is sustainable, which is assured in this case. The application of biochar to agricultural fields increases nutrient and water retention, which reduces the amounts of phosphorous and other nutrients leaching into waterways. Biochar is a powerful soil amendment which can improve soil health. Biochar reduced the need for fossil fuel-based fertilisers. 


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    LCA Completed. 
    Technical due diligence report completed.
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  • Additionality info

    The facility is under planning. The business plan relies on carbon credits for 40-50% of revenue and CAPEX coverage. The project’s ability to secure debt finance is also dependent on carbon credit revenue. The revenues streams generated through the sale of biochar carbon credits will be used as follows:

    • To partially the CAPEX required for the facility.
    • To partially finance the operating expenditure at the facility
    • Collateral for debt-finance.
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About the supplier


Accend is a leading carbon removal project developer. We provide LCA and credit brokerage services, enabling CDR projects worldwide.
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