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Support scale with the Carbo Culture next-generation reactor

18 000
CORC Price
225 €
Pre-CORC Price
Production Timeline
Q1 2025-Q4 2025

About the project

We are a climate technology company with a breakthrough, scalable carbon removal solution. By leveraging advanced engineering techniques, we convert biomass into carbon that is then captured and stored for 1000+ years. Our vision is to remove 1 billion tons (1Gt) of CO2 annually from the atmosphere.

Support Carbo Culture's next-generation reactor, our first commercial-scale facility!

Biochar is one of the safest, fastest, and most durable ways to draw down carbon today, according to the IPCC. Researchers estimate the carbon-removal potential of biochar at 300 megatons to two gigatons annually (Nature 11/2019). However, the technical limitations of existing carbon removal and storage technologies have hindered the development of an affordable and scalable solution.  We change that.

Carbo Culture’s game-changing carbon removal solution converts biomass to biochar, storing CO2 for a 1000+ years in a virtually indestructible way, while also generating renewable energy from the production process. Each ton of our biochar holds 3.2 tons of CO2. We use ultra-local agricultural residue material in our biochar production. We also hold a patent on the technology for instantaneous conversion from biomass to conductive biochar, resulting in more energy-efficient biochar production than existing solutions. 

Our next-generation reactor will be the culmination of 4 years of engineering, a NASA workshop, and StartX acceleration. With a capacity of 18,000 tons of CO2e p.a. the reactor will set a new standard for carbon removal, providing a facility that is a climate-change busting machine. The biochar will be of the highest quality and will achieve top certification from the Ithaka Institute, the provider of the European Biochar Certificate. Working with our distribution partners, we will ensure that the ultra-stable material is stored safely for 1000+ years. Once our next-generation reactor is built, we will rapidly scale the new reactor type globally.

Turn net zero targets into scalable impact by supporting this new generation of carbon removal.

Key Project Data

  • Type of project info
    New facility or site
  • Carbon removal methodology info
  • Durability of carbon removal in years (number) info
  • Co-benefits info

    Reduced emissions

    • In soil applications, suppresses nutrient runoff and emissions
    • In bacterial processes, reduces Ghg emissions
    Avoided emissions
    • Using our activated biochar instead of activated fossile carbon, results in an up to 20 times lower carbon footprint
    Improved ecosystems
    • In stormwater treatment, filtrates a range of pollutants
    • In soil applications, improved soil structure and water retention capacity
    • In material applications, often replaces finite or fossil fuel based ingredients 
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) info
  • Production facility country info
  • Site visits are possible info
  • Certifications or assessments info
    We are planning to have the facility verified by the Puro Standard as well as by the Ithaka Institute, provider of the European Biochar Certificate (ensuring biochar quality).
  • Planned start date of construction info
  • Planned start date of production info
  • Annual carbon removal capacity in tCO2e (number) info
  • Additionality info
    Our next-generation reactor will introduce a new, scalable technology that is built to fight climate change.
    Consequently, a large proportion of the revenue for this project will come from CORCs.

    What's included in the CORC price?
    • We are innovating biochar tech to fight climate change (optimized for high quality char production, larger size, no tars etc.). This leads to higher cost in the short term and will result in economies of scale in the long term.
    • The current biochar market is not scalable at a USD 1000 price tag that biochar firms typically expect to achieve for the material. We massively reduce the price to ensure the market is scalable and to reward offtakers for their carbon sink services.
  • Implementation of this project is subject to receiving funding (equity or debt) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to permits (building, environmental, etc.) info
  • Implementation of this project is subject to reaching minimum pre-CORC commitments info
  • The above conditions are expected to be fulfilled on this date

About the supplier

Carbo Culture

Carbo Culture makes functional biocarbons and biographite from waste to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere.

We’re working with green and blue infrastructure and carbon-negative materials developers to start a new era of Carbon Culturing.
Our founders met in Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program. They believed that if climate change is not addressed, it will make worse other global challenges as well. Carbo Culture began in 2017. We’re proud alumni of StartX and currently part of the Autodesk SF Technology Center residency program.

We look forward to welcoming ambitious and dedicated people on board as partners to tackle climate change with us.

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