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Published on September 17, 2021

The Race to Scale Supply: 5th Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting

Our deadline is tight, we must remove vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere to avert the worst consequences to the climate. So, we must act fast and scale the carbon removal industry in the 2020’s. In our last meeting, we focused on the shift from support by pioneer carbon removal buyers, such as Microsoft and Shopify, to investors allocating capital toward removal suppliers.

This time we focused on the race to scale carbon removal supply in all sectors, how big and small companies are transforming their businesses to remove carbon and how is enabling the scale up.  Watch the Recording and get the slides here

We started off with a keynote conversation on the significance to the voluntary carbon markets of Nasdaq investing in CO2 Removal Standard and Marketplace

Then we heard from SUEZ Group, and how they are in the process of renewing their business model to include carbon removal solutions -a great example of how a company can scale removal supply in very big volumes.

We presented what are the benefits for a carbon removal supplier to be issued CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) and monetize their climate service through and gave a sneak peek of our upcoming platform that matches future supply of CORCs with demand!

The event closed with a stellar panel with Fortum Oslo Varme CCS project, Soilfood, and Foundation for Climate Restoration on how the waste management, agriculture and construction sectors are being transformed to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Let’s work together towards net zero!  Watch the Recording and get the slides here!


Preliminary Agenda to The Race to Scale Supply (times in GMT+3) October 12th at 10:00-11:45 New York Time (EST), 15:00-17:45 London Time (GMT+1), 17:00-18:45 Helsinki Time (GMT+3)

17:00 Welcome - Elba Horta, Head of Communications,

17:05 Nasdaq and A partnership to grow the carbon removal voluntary market- Antti Vihavainen, CEO of and Fredrik Ekström, President of Nasdaq Stockholm, talk about the implications of Nasdaq becoming a majority investor in and the partnership’s goals in terms of supply and demand of carbon removal credits.

17:25 Why and how SUEZ will scale its Carbon Removal Solutions and renew its business model - Dominique Hélaine, CCUS Solutions Director, and Malik Kerkar, Carbon Projects Director, at SUEZ Group.

17: 45 Carbon Removal Suppliers: Why work with Elba Horta and Roosa Räisänen, Supply Manager at, present the registration process and the benefits a carbon removal supplier gets from joining and getting paid for their climate service. We’ll also give a sneak peek of our upcoming platform that matches future supply of CORCs with demand.

18:00 The Race to Scale Supply: A panel about the sectors that are transforming their business models to also remove carbon. Hear from pioneering players in waste management, agriculture and construction that are helping scale the supply needed for a net zero world. Jannicke Bjerkäs, Director of CCS at Fortum Oslo Varme, Ossi Kinnunen, Director of Research and Development at Soilfood and Erica Dodds, COO of Foundation for Climate Restoration. Moderated by Marianne Tikkanen, Co-Founder and Head of Supply Management at

18:25 Q&A Moderated by Joona Kunnas, Corporate Sales Manager

18:40 Closing remarks – Antti Vihavainen, CEO,

Watch the Recording and get the slides here


Are you ready to include science-based carbon removal in your climate actions? Welcome to learn more about our Carbon Removal Suppliers and don't hesitate to book a meeting or contact us.

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