Biochar is a very stable, solid form of carbon that can endure in soil for thousands of years.

Biochar supplier: Carbofex Oy



Carbofex is the first Puro-certified biochar producer in Europe.

This means the feedstock is sustainable and the biochar is of high stability. Carbofex offers a special grade of biochar to the horticulture industry and for water filtering applications.


Carbon removal type / Biochar

Project status / In operation

Location / Tampere, Finland


A pile of biochar

What's the climate impact?

This biochar is carbon net-negative – 1 ton of Carbofex biochar removes 3,11 tons of CO2 eq. from the atmosphere into long-term storage in the product. Life-Cycle Assesment made by Ecobio followed the methodology described in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards where applicable.



Economic stimulation effect

The extra income from Puro allows Carbofex to grow existing biochar production and therefore, remove more carbon from the atmosphere. Extra income also stimulates the development of new products such as phosphorous removal system for lakes and water ecosystems.


How it works

Biochar is produced from biomass or biowaste, through pyrolysis (heated in absence of oxygen). Pyrolysis creates an aromatic stable form of carbon, which will stay away from circulation.

Resulting biochar has high fixed carbon content and chemical and structural stability far greater than in the original materials.

The production is verified for carbon negativity by DNV GL, and issued CORCs.

Biochar production

Examples of use

  • City plantations by Rölunga Gård, Stockholm
  • Landfill leachate water filtration, Tampere, Finland
  • Filtration of phosphorus from urban runoff waters, Espoo, Finland
Ecobio Biochar Production Facility

If you want to neutralize your emissions using this specific removal method, just place your purchase bid in auction or negotiate a pre-purchase agreement. In a Pre-Purchase Agreement buyers secure availability and price by agreeing with one or more suppliers to buy a predetermined amount at a set price in the next auction. To arrange a Pre-Purchase Agreement please contact us.

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