Getting Ready for COP28: What's Key for Carbon Removals
Getting Ready for COP28: What's Key for Carbon Removals

As we embark on the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP), we share what we will be doing at COP28. We also provide resources on how best to navigate the whirlwind that is an international climate conference, whether you are focused on the negotiations or on networking or both. 

We are meeting bilaterally with Governments, observing the Article 6.4 mechanism negotiations and attending a number of invitation-only roundtable events and networking receptions to support the durable carbon removals sector. Once back we hope to digest the outcomes and update our CDR meta-map with all we have learnt. 

What are the key themes at COP28? 

Held in the UAE this year, from 30 November until 12 December 2023, the Conference of the Parties (COP) is composed of many layers and different negotiations, and here are the key themes which countries (parties) seek to negotiate under: 

  1. Transitioning to clean energy
  2. Centering nature, people, lives & livelihoods 
  3. Delivering on finance 
  4. Mobilizing inclusivity 

The intentions are laid out in full in this letter from the COP28 President.

What is important to and durable carbon removals during COP28: 

Here are some of the items that are important to and the wider carbon removal ecosystem. We recommend following these items through the virtual carbon removals pavilion:

Net-negative targets Countries may set net-negative targets to remove more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than they emit and could give a clear role for durable carbon removals. 
International trade of carbon credits (Article 6.4 mechanism) & Voluntary Carbon Market  

Countries could agree to adopt global guidelines for removals under the UN's carbon market (the so-called Article 6.4 mechanism). Relevant documents on removals and methodologies here.  We hope in the future to submit Puro methodologies for use by this UN market mechanism. 

We are watching for new Government to Government trades to be announced (Article 6.2) and find this International Emission Trading Association (IETA) visualization helpful.

We are calling for support of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), such as better-functioning voluntary carbon markets to channel additional financing to developing countries to enable a drastic scale-up of climate action.

Global Stocktake 

The Global Stocktake is a critical review and assessment mechanism that happens every 5 years to ensure that global efforts are on track to limit global temperature rise and address the impacts of climate change. This year, there will be increased pressure to take action and close the gap. 

This could lead to more Governments starting to legislate in support of durable carbon removals during 2024 

Tips for COP28 

Earlier this week, we hosted a short and interactive workshop with our CO2 Removal Suppliers on our tips for making the most out of COP28. We discussed the importance of planning before arrival and looking at the different pavilion websites to see what is happening on the ground. With over 100 different pavilions, a blue zone, a green zone, and an innovation zone it will be important to plan where to be and what to attend. 

Please find the slides with links to useful resources on the different zones and a list of some of our favourite resources listed below:

Here's a glimpse into the agenda at some of the events we are participating in:

Technological Carbon Dioxide Removal: a key tool in the climate change toolkit. Sunday 03 December 15:30 – 16:20, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion The event is co-hosted by Clean Energy Ministerial on Carbon Capture Usage and Storage Initiative CCUS Initiative and CDR Mission Innovation.   
Carbon Markets: Digital Infrastructure for Integrity. Monday 04 December 12:00 – 13:15, IETA Business Hub, Blue Zone. 

In the IETA Business Pavilion, we'll tackle the digital infrastructure for integrity in carbon markets. Additionally, we'll explore financing strategies for the scale-up of carbon removals, emphasizing the role of capital markets in addressing climate change urgently. 

More information soon at the IETA Business Hub 

Scaling Durable Carbon Removals: Mapping Global Opportunities and Obligations. Monday 04 December, 17:00 – 18:00, Finland Pavilion, Blue Zone. 

Come along to find out which policy instruments are being progressed in different regions globally to scale durable carbon removals, how the Paris Agreement could support this, and what individual countries plan to do.Will be looking at good practice on supply side, demand side including corporate disclosure as the world legislates to keep 1.5°C alive.  

Carbo Culture,, Rethinking Removals 

Finland Pavilion & Virtual Carbon Removal Pavilion  

 The Voluntary Carbon Market eco-system, including views from carbon-crediting programs. Wednesday 06 December, 13:00 – 14:30, IETA Business Pavilion, Blue Zone.  More information to be provided. 
The Removals Roadmap: What are we missing? –  Wednesday 06 December, 17:00 – 18:30, Herriot-Watt University. 

More information here 

Reception: A Celebration of Global Leaders in Carbon Removal, 07 December 18:30 – 21:30  

Innovation Zone. 

Building business demand for carbon removals, 08 December 11:00-12:00 

Blue Zone, more details to follow. 

State of CDR, 10 December, 12:30 – 13:30, EU Pavilion Blue Zone 

With Oliver Geden (Head, Research Cluster Climate Policy and Politics & Vice-Chair, IPCC Working Group III), more event details to come 

Relevant UN Official Side Events with a focus on the VCM, Article 6 and long-term strategies. 
03 Dec 2023 
SE Room 4 
The Evolving Voluntary Carbon Market: Reconciling the paradox between innovation and supervision 
The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is gaining momentum but also suffering from low quality carbon credits. While harmonized standards increase market transparency, they may restrict innovation. To what extent do we need to regulate the VCM? How can financial instruments contribute to its integrity? 
Speakers: Panellists: -Andrea Bonzanni, International Emissions Trading Association; -Jos Delbeke, EUI -Manish Dabkara, EKI Energy Services -Axel Michaelowa, University of Zurich* -Suzi Kerr, Environmental Defense Fund* -Eva Tamme, Climate Principles & Zero Emissions Platform* *TBC 
03 Dec 2023 
SE Room 4 
Towards operationalization of Article 6 
Joining market leaders, experts, and governments, the session will discuss actionable “blueprints” on Article 6. Panelists will share initiatives and innovations in the works and discuss the role of removals under Article 6 towards global net-zero goals. 
Speakers: F. Wee Wei, MTI, Singapore, F. Gagnon-Lebrun, South Pole, A. Rahman, GenZero, E. Bonfiglio, ERCST, M. Al Jishi, KSA, K. Sang-hyup(Co-chair, Presidential Commission on carbon neutrality and green growth) Moderator: A. Marcu, ERCST 
03 Dec 2023 
SE Room 4 
Article 6.4 Supervisory Body Side-Event 
The side event will be an opportunity to present updates on processes, institutions and functions on the SB6.4 work and initiate a discussion on the way ahead. 
Speakers: SB6.4 Chair SB 6.4 Vice-chair One SB6.4 member Practitioners (t.b.a.) 
05 Dec 2023 
SE Room 5 
Building on lessons learned: Setting a high bar for the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body’s work 
The Article 6.4 Supervisory Body is tasked with developing methodological standards and reviewing existing methodologies for eligibility in the mechanism. Drawing on relevant expertise and research, the event will discuss the SB’s methodological work and the need for a rigorous review process. 
Speakers: Lambert Schneider, Oeko Institut Axel Michaelowa, University of Zurich Jonathan Crook/Isa Mulder, Carbon Market Watch Juliana Kessler, Perspectives Climate Research Mbaye Diagne, SB Vice-Chair 
08 Dec 2023 
SE Room 4 
LT-LEDS to drive global decarbonization 
To exchange knowledge and share good practices and key features of recent LTLEDS from different regions in view of guiding the clean energy transition and promoting wider and more effective use of long-term low energy strategies for energy and climate policy-making. 
Speakers: UNFCCC, IEA, IRENA, country representatives 
09 Dec 2023 
SE Room 9 
Leveraging Carbon Dioxide Removal, Negative Emissions and Renewable Energy Solutions 
Achieving the 1.5° targets will require the use of negative emission technologies and materials as well as direct air capture and sequestering materials (incl. for the GHG-intensive buildings sector). Intelligent assessment and finance is needed to implement solutions. 
Speakers: Global business executives & experts in CDR, NET-material development, DAC, electrification, future built infrastructure, building industries, their conformity assessment and finance, as well as the voices from global grassroots climate justice organizations on the necessity of CDR & NET solutions 

As global leaders gather for COP28, it's time to speak up on the critical role of durable carbon removal in meeting climate goals. Such as:

  • Expanding carbon market guidelines to support durable carbon removals;
  • Improving trust and transparency in the voluntary carbon market functioning to enable climate finance; and
  • Leveraging the Global Stocktake to ask Governments to take action. 

Together we can ensure durable carbon removal solutions are supported in order to reach the net-zero emissions goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.  

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