Introducing Puro Connect API for Sales Channels - Revolutionizing CDR Management & Unlocking Market Growth has introduced our latest product development to the market - Puro Connect, an Application Programming Interface (API) designed to revolutionize the management of CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs). 

The Future of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Management 

Puro Connect is for sales channel ecosystem players involved in the trading and selling of high-quality, durable carbon removal to climate-conscious clients. The tool seamlessly connects credit onboarding, trade reporting, and retirement of CORCs to the Puro Registry, setting the stage for a new era of efficiency and growth in the voluntary carbon market. 

How does it work? 

Puro Connect API acts as the bridge between the Puro Registry and's sales channel partner platforms. 

At the heart of, is the Puro Registry, the ultimate source of truth for CORC ownership. Every time a CORC changes ownership or is retired, it must be reported in the Puro Registry to maintain transparency and prevent double trading. Puro Connect API makes this process seamless by connecting sales channel partner platforms to the Puro Registry. sales channel partners - marketplaces, exchanges, and value-added resellers - can register trades, and request retirements from their own platforms through the API. 

Key Benefits of Puro Connect for Sales Channels

  • Seamless Trading: Puro Connect simplifies CORC exchanges, making it easier than ever to report ownership changes to the Puro Registry and retire CORCs on behalf of clients through automated processes. 
  • Transparency & Traceability: Connect to the Puro Registry, where every change in CORC activity is recorded. This transparency ensures the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. 
  • High-Volume CORC Trading: Puro Connect streamlines processes, promoting market liquidity and facilitating high volumes of CORC trading like never before. Puro Connect is here to fuel the growth of the voluntary carbon market.

Early Adopters: Patch  

Patch is among one of the first sales channel partners to integrate the Puro Connect API. 

A leading platform that powers climate action and a renowned sales channel for carbon removal, Patch is integrating the Puro Connect API into their platform. This partnership will serve as a vital bridge connecting Puro and Patch users, expanding the channels through which CORCs can be sold and streamlining the entire transaction process. 

“Together, Puro.Earth and Patch are making it easier for project developers to grow their reach and scale with integrity,” said Brennan Spellacy, Patch CEO and Co-founder. “With the first integration of the Puro Connect API, Patch’s CarbonOS users will now have the unique ability to scale sales of their CORCs through the Patch marketplace, while marketplace buyers will be able to see real-time CORC availability from listed suppliers and sync purchases and retirements within one system.” 

The partnership enables suppliers’ access to the Patch marketplace as a means to distribute their CORCs, as well as the option to leverage Patch’s CarbonOS system to manage inventory and streamline sales processes. 

Resources for Sales Channels 

Speak to the Puro Team today to discover how this product can serve the scaling of your carbon removal credit sales and to request the toolkit for developers. 

Voluntary Carbon Markets Need a Race to the Top

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