Public Consultation: Terrestrial Storage of Biomass Methodology
Public Consultation: Terrestrial Storage of Biomass Methodology

*The public consultation for the Terrestrial Storage of Biomass methodology is now closed.* is a carbon removal crediting platform. Through Puro Standard methodologies, we certify durable carbon removal and issue CO2 Removal Certificates, CORCs, per ton of CO2 removed and stored for at least 100+ years. CORCs are issued and retired in the public Puro Registry, adding transparency to carbon markets.

In March 2022,'s Advisory Board approved a pilot version of Woody Biomass Burial methodology so that additional information and biomass decomposition data could be gathered from field trials. The methodology is now renamed Terrestrial Storage of Biomass and covers activities capable of sourcing and storing lignin containing biomass on land, in conditions that inhibit biomass decomposition. The storage chambers must be designed to ensure continuity of such conditions for 100+ years.

The intention of this update is to evolve the methodology beyond the pilot stage and develop the following aspects which are of significant importance:

  • Storage chamber design
  • Monitoring, verification and reporting (MRV)
  • Environmental safeguards
  • Legal and financial arrangements for long-term site management
  • Risk of re-emission 

First period of Consultation

1st June - 22nd of June

Feedback summary

Second period of Consultation

19 July - 9 August

Feedback summary

New methodology (draft): 

Terrestrial Storage of Biomass 

Available in Google Docs for direct commenting

We are pleased to share the updated draft of the methodology which has taken into consideration all the comments received in phase one of the public consultation process. Thank you to all those who have participated in the consultation so far.

The purpose of reopening the public consultation is to give participants a final opportunity to comment on the changes made during the consultation period. In light of the abundance of feedback and various evolving technical dimensions of the methodology, we have extended the draft review process. welcomes feedback from stakeholders and interested parties during this period, while the current update is being finalized. All feedback is valued and is part of our larger process of method development and review, making sure this is conservative, informed and transparent. Please download the Public Consultation Questionnaire below and send your consultation feedback to

Previous Consultation Documentation


For reference:
Pilot version of Woody Biomass Burial methodology

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Four things we learned from visiting carbon removal suppliers in the UK and US

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