LCA Design provides objective third-party life cycle analysis services for companies to determine their environmental impacts, carbon footprint, and net carbon removals. We would work together to ensure the carbon net-negativity is representative of your company and aligned with the appropriate Puro Standard methodology.
LCA Design

Since 2016, LCA Design Corporation has supported businesses to determine their environmental impacts through life cycle analysis to improve their sustainability and circularity. The analysis and feedback from the LCA can help propel a business forward in its mission to become more sustainable. Whether it is to assess one product or a product line, one process, or an entire plant, life cycle analysis (LCA) can be a powerful method providing greater insight and clarity for your company. The results from the LCA can also be incorporated into annual corporate sustainability reporting and marketing to showcase the steps you have taken to improve your environmental impacts.

Sustainability Benefits of Life Cycle Analysis

Life cycle analysis can be used in the design process, decision-making, and marketing. Life cycle assessment can help identify improvement areas for economic, environmental, and social metrics by looking at the overall picture from material extraction, manufacturing, use, and end-of-life. A third- party LCA expert can provide objective analysis and support along the process utilizing ISO 14040/44 Standards.

Carbon Removal LCA Services

Puro Earth has developed quantification methodologies for various carbon removal technologies which detail the process and scope for the life cycle analysis. LCA Design would ensure the methodology is correctly applied and provide an LCA report and calculation model for your company.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Life cycle analysis is also used for developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and LCA Design can help you along the EPD process. An EPD is based on a transparent and open framework and international standards to give comparable information within the same product group. The EPD is the final report, while the LCA is the foundation. 

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