Fund carbon projects while mitigating greenwashing risk. Lune takes a curated approach to assessing project quality to ensure buyers can confidently fund projects creating real impact. Use Lune’s API to embed carbon removal and emissions calculations into your product or use Lune’s platform to buy carbon in 2-3 clicks.

Create end end-to-end sustainability product
Use Lune’s API for emissions calculations and carbon removal to embed climate action into your product. Companies such as Salesforce, Forto, GoCardless use Lune to have a positive impact while driving customer acquisition and loyalty.

Easily fund the best projects for the planet 
Use Lune’s platform to confidently buy carbon in 2-3 clicks with transparency and control. Forward-thinking carbon buyers such as IDEO and Moomin take action through Lune.

Going beyond certification and ratings Lune takes a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to carbon projects. Our in-house analysis complements certification standards and ratings providers. Up to 90% of projects we assess are filtered out.
Projects are assessed for the durability of carbon benefits, additionality, measurement, risk mitigation, and important co-benefits beyond CO2. Read more about our approach.

“Lune’s focus on sourcing high-impact carbon credits, combined with the automation their API provides, makes them an ideal partner for Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace. Now we can bring companies, customers, and climate action together at scale.”
- Nina Schoen, Director of Product Management, Salesforce

“We partnered with Lune to get the highest levels of trust and transparency in the carbon projects that we – and our customers – contribute to. We assessed several providers, Lune is truly challenging the status quo and revolutionising the carbon market.”
- Nina Göntgen-Voss, Director of Sustainability at Forto

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LCA Design
LCA Design provides objective third-party life cycle analysis services for companies to determine their environmental impacts, carbon footprint, and net carbon removals. We would work together to ensure the carbon net-negativity is representative of your company and aligned with the appropriate Puro Standard methodology.

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