True CEO, Antti Vihavainen: How to build a marketplace in 90 days CEO, Antti Vihavainen: How to build a marketplace in 90 days

Silicon Valley dominates tech headlines but Europe has quietly chalked up success stories. In the European Startup Show, every week Anita Moorthy interviews startups based in different parts of Europe to find insights beneficial to other entrepreneurs. What were counter-intuitive strategies they found to be successful? Which growth channels worked best and at what stage of the company? What mistakes did they make and what advice would they give to other startups in Europe? 

In this episode, she caught up with Antti Vihavainen, co-founder and CEO of

Show notes:

  • [3:53] - Why is now the right time to have a carbon removal marketplace?
  • [5:57] - How did you launch a marketplace from idea to first auction in 71 days?
  • [11:21] - If I am a carbon emitter, why can’t I buy carbon offsets? Why do I need carbon removals?
  • [12:47] - What regulations are needed for carbon removal to become mainstream?
  • [13:59] - How do I as a carbon emitter verify the amount of carbon removal?
  • [15:55] - What is the cost of removing 1 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere?
  • [18:09] - Do you worry that the big polluters get the wrong incentive to go on polluting?
  • [19:07] - Who are the main suppliers of carbon net negative technologies?
  • [20:54] - How are you going to market to get buyers and suppliers to the marketplace?
  • [21:56] - What is still a challenge?
  • [23:00] - What are the big trends in the carbon removal space?
  • [25:48] - How is your marketplace different from other carbon removal marketplaces?  What is your differentiator?
  • [27:23] - What are your future plans for Puro.Earth

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Industrial Carbon Removal, with Elba Horta from
Industrial Carbon Removal, with Elba Horta from

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