Haglöfs transitions from offsets to CORCs

Haglöfs transitions from offsets to CORCs

At Haglöfs, they are Outsiders by Nature. The outdoor apparel company has been on a climate action path for the last years working on carbon reductions and circularity initiatives, committing to reduce operational emissions by 50% and reaching net zero by 2030.

But because making emission reductions takes time, since 2021 they compensate for their full manufacturing and operational footprint with high quality offsets. However, most offsets available today support projects that avoid potential future emissions and are not enough to bring emissions to net zero. That’s why Haglöfs added carbon removal to neutralize emissions, choosing CORCs from Swedish biochar supplier Hjelmsäters to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Their plan is to continue to increase the quantity of CORCs to reach their goal.

The production of Haglöfs outdoor gear is where their biggest impact lies. So they are particularly proud that their climate commitment covers not only emissions from their own operations but also emissions generated from their whole supply chain – from the extraction of raw materials to delivery to the consumers.

This makes their targets very challenging and means they will need to look at every area of their business, including 

  • increasing the use of lower impact materials
  • transitioning to renewable energy in production
  • ensuring that products last longer
  • and exploring new business models

All of this while also engaging consumers and supporting stronger regulations to accelerate change.

Our Head of Communications, Elba Horta, sat with Haglöfs Head of Sustainability, Elaine Gardiner, to discuss the importance of carbon removal on the journey to net zero, and the bumps and barriers that are still in the way. Read their conversation here.

Are you ready to include carbon removal in your climate actions? Welcome to learn more about carbon removal suppliers at and don't hesitate to contact us.

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