Welcome to the Puro.Earth FAQ page, we address the most frequently asked questions our ecosystem has. If you have specific inquiries or seek more detailed information, feel free to reach out – we're here to help!

The old Service Fee had a perceived conflict of interest issue by basing our fee with the number of issued credits. The new model decouples the link as the basis is the Reported Output, regardless of how many credits will be issued.

It is very unlikely to be more expensive to anybody as it provides similar volume discounts as earlier models.

The new fee model will be operational at the beginning of October 2024. For existing customers, the fees will be based on the cumulative volume over the last 364 days from the date of issuance of their CORCs.

Pooling is requested in the MyPuro portal at the time of Reporting the Output.

This is the output volume that a CO2 removal supplier reports to the issuing body when submitting their production output report.

Yes, it will be operationalized in the beginning of October, 2024

The Puro Registry is used for tracking the entire lifecycle of the credit. As we discontinued the secondary trading fee which would incur costs for each transaction, but was not welcomed by some commodity traders, we decided to move to single fixed cost at the end of the lifecycle to cover some of the costs of maintaining the system.

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