Welcome to the Puro.Earth FAQ page, we address the most frequently asked questions our ecosystem has. If you have specific inquiries or seek more detailed information, feel free to reach out – we're here to help! is the first carbon crediting program focused exclusively on carbon removals. It’s a pioneering initiative to make carbon removal robust and verifiable.

Puro is derived from the Latin purus, meaning to cleanse or purify. 

In Finnish, Puro means a stream, which serves as a metaphor for the flow of capital towards carbon net-negative companies.

Most carbon offset schemes focus primarily on emission reductions. focuses exclusively on carbon removal and pioneered several of the world's first crediting methodologies for engineered carbon removal. We require removal methods that can be scientifically verified, that capture and store CO2 durably for a minimum of 100 years, and have industrial scaling potential.

A CO2 removal method removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it for the long-term, in a stable form. All of the Puro Standard methodologies guarantee durable storage of 100+ years, some even thousands of years.

A CORC is an independently verified document that confirms that 1 metric ton of CO2 has been removed and durably sequestered from the atmosphere using one of the removal methods certified under the Puro Standard. Our suppliers sequester more CO2 than they emit with only net negative emissions being credited. 
CORCs are issued ex-post based on CO2 removal activities that have been independently verified prior to issuing the CORC. It is issued in the Puro Registry to the supplier, purchased by the buyer, and retired once the buyer has reported its usage.

For Nasdaq, will be a cornerstone in its ESG offering. Nasdaq will offer its current and potential clients access to's services to provide them with an opportunity to reach a beyond-zero carbon footprint.

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